Pasuruan Regency Government asks people to be aware of dengue fever

Pasuruan (ANTARA) – The government of Pasuruan Regency, East Java asked the public to be aware of the recent outbreak of dengue fever.

The Head of the Pasuruan Regency Service, Dr. Ani Latifah in Pasuruan, Thursday said that apart from the dangers of the new variant of COVID-19, namely Omicron, the Pasuruan Regency Government appealed to the public to be aware of dengue fever.

“This is because the spread of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is very fast in the rainy season,” he said.

He said, from early January to today, the number of dengue fever cases in Pasuruan Regency has reached 17 cases. Although there are no reports of deaths, vigilance is very important as an anticipatory step.

“Be careful by anticipating not to let the mosquito larvae of dengue fever grow and develop around the place of residence,” said Ani.

One way that can be done is to promote PSN (mosquito nest eradication) around their respective residences. As well as implementing the 5 M, namely draining the bathtub, closing water reservoirs and burying used items that have the potential to become breeding grounds for mosquitoes, as well as throwing out used cans and putting betta fish or abate powder into every puddle.

“Don’t forget to promote 5M every day so that we can eradicate the spread of dengue fever,” he said.

So far, various efforts made by the Pasuruan District Health Office have been carried out. Namely asking jumantik cadres to immediately move to monitor the spread of dengue mosquito larvae around their respective RT / RW.

“The point is don’t let puddles of water occur. Keep the cleanliness around the place of residence, and in this weather, you must maintain good health. Eat nutritious food, exercise and get enough rest,” he said.

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