Pardubice – Kladno 4: 3 PP, Jágr returned to Kladno, but did not prevent the collapse of the Knights

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The healed strikers Cienciala and Hecl returned to the team of Pardubice, and Jágr played on the side of Kladno after a one-match absence. For the first time, forward Kuťák appeared in the Knights jersey.

The first third turned out better for Kladno. In the 6th minute, Jágr found Filip in front of the goal, but he, like Hlava, did not shoot Klouček a moment later. On the other hand, Bow’s goalkeeper watched Musil’s shot or Kousal’s backhand ending. Then came the double strike of Kladno. In the 16th minute, Plekanc’s pass to Kubík passed, who did not hesitate in front of Klouček. In less than two minutes, after a long pass from Wood, Filip had enough space and increased it to 2: 0 for the Knights.

The guests then played their second power play, which they transferred to the second period. During the numerical advantage, Jágr shot, but Klouček set off the puck. In the 25th minute, the people of Pardubice lowered. Matýs has not yet succeeded with his handle, but then the nineteen-year-old striker Urban prevailed and scored his first goal in the highest competition.

In the middle of the match, a mela was created after the operation on the home team’s Kousal. The referees punished only fights, five-minute penalties were given to Camara and Dotchin, two-minute Melka and Kousal, so the full number of players on the ice continued. After one of the actions of Kladno, he could raise Hlava, but he aimed only at the side net.

The hockey players from Pardubice had the upper hand in shooting. Blümel tried it individually, Bow also set out on Musil’s attempt. After the exclusion of Košťálek, the guests played a power play, which Beran used with a lucky hit, when his pass bounced off the home player’s skate into the Pardubice goal.

Two minutes later, the home team reduced again when, after another action by Blümel, he sent the disc to Hecl’s open goal. Emotions escalated at the end of the third period. The judges ruled out Camara for his unsportsmanlike conduct, but Musil, who passed to Blümel and equaled 3: 3, prevailed in the weakening. Poulíček was immediately eliminated and Kladno played for 50 seconds in five against three. The hockey players of Dynamo defended themselves and the rest of the third played in the numerical advantage on the contrary.

Indrák from Kladno could have decided at the end of the extension, but he did not beat Kloučka. The last chance in Pardubice came, the defender Košťálek got into an escape and decided at 64:59.

41st round of the hockey extra league:
HC Dynamo Pardubice – Knights Kladno 4: 3 in overtime. (0: 2, 1: 0, 2: 1 – 1: 0)
Goals and recordings: 25. T. Urban (Anděl, Matýs), 52. Hecl (Paulovič, Blümel), 56. Blümel (A. Musil), 65. Košťálek (A. Musil) – 16. Kubík (Plekanec, Hlava) , 17. M. Filip (Wood, Ticháček), 50. M. Beran. Judges: Hradil, Kika – Lhotský, J. Svoboda. Penalty: 7: 3, extra Camara 5 min. and 10 min. – Dotchin both 5 min. Use: 0: 1. Weakening: 1: 0. Attendance: 1000 (limited number)
Pardubice: Klouček – J. Zdráhal, J. Mikuš, Košťálek, Robertson, J. Kolář, Vála, T. Jelínek – O. Rohlík, Poulíček, Paulovič – Camara, A. Musil, R. Kousal – Blümel, Cienciala, Hecl – T. Urban, Anděl, Matýs. Coach: R. Král.
Kladno: Bow – Dotchin, Kehar, Ticháček, Wood, J. Suchánek, Babka, Baránek – Kubík, Plekanec, Hlava – Melka, Zikmund, Pytlík – M. Beran, Kuťák, Kristo – Jágr, M. Filip, M. Indrák. Coach: D. Čermák.


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