Business Panasonic is investing in more batteries >

Panasonic is investing in more batteries >


The lack of availability of the battery cells to produce battery packs for its electric cars is one of the factors, the Tesla slow down, said CEO Elon Musk in the summer of 2019. And because for cells in the case of Tesla, this time exclusively for the Japanese Partner Panasonic has been reports of a dispute with Tesla. If it were you, you would have done, but According to Panasonic’s joint Gigafactory in the U.S. the state was able to increase production up to may, significantly, and Tesla reported now a comprehensive agreement with the Japanese on at least ten more years.

Tesla and Panasonic Partner up to 2030

The agreement was an adaptation of the with Panasonic in 2014, the contracts concluded for the Gigafactory in Nevada said Tesla in a stock market notification. Among other things, a term has been established: The agreement applies now, for ten years from the date the Panasonic certain milestones in the production. Thus, it is expected to save Tesla until at least 2030, a supply by Panasonic, and depending on the milestones, the not informed, even longer.

Specific capacity is not named Tesla in the message. At the time of Musks complain about too little cells, you should have approximately 24 gigawatt-hours per year, and thus far under the Plan is located, but then grew until the end of 2019 to 30 gigawatt-hours, and it was up to 54 gigawatt hours of battery cells per year. In mid-may, Panasonic announced to have Tesla in the Gigafactory, in the meantime, an annual rate of 35 gigawatt-hours achieved.

Several of the partners for Tesla

At the same time, the Panasonic Management briefed in may on current negotiations with Tesla over more capacity in Nevada. This should be preceded by the now publicly made agreement. Specific new technologies and investments as well as capacity and prices have Panasonic first of all, for the next two years, and Tesla, in turn, decrease-volume, – stated in the current message. More specifically, Tesla was not to all, but capacity is expected to rise and prices to fall.

With the wide-ranging agreement, Tesla shows again that, according to CEO Musk, and the overwhelming plans for the production of a lot more battery cells for electric vehicles as stationary storage at a lower cost than today, not alone implemented. This was also Tesla’s chief financial officer, Zachary Kirkhorn already recognize, and the Chinese producer CATL, will soon deliver cheap LFP cells for Tesla in China, has also shown as an important world-wide battery-Partner of Tesla. The big picture wants to explain the Musk in the case of a battery-day, whose appointment he has postponed again and again, most recently this June.


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