Pafbet LBL final series: Ogre is approaching bronze; on Saturday at 17:40 the third fight for gold

On Thursday, May 12, in the second game of the bronze series of Pafbet Latvian Basketball League, BK “Ogre” once again defeated “University of Latvia” (69:51), leading up to three victories in the series with a lead of 2: 0. The third game will take place on Sunday, May 15, at 5 pm in Ogre. The third game in the final series in the BC series “Ventspils” – “VEF Rīga” (LTV7 live broadcast) will start on Saturday, May 14, at 17:40 at Rimi Olympic Center. The fight for gold will last up to four victories, after two games the result is 1: 1.

“University of Latvia” – BC “Ogre” 51:69 (8:26, 23:43, 34:55) In the series 0: 2

In the first game 60:72. The third game on May 15 at 5 pm in Ogre. If necessary, the fourth – on May 18 at 20:15 in Riga, Rimi Olympic Center, the fifth – on May 20 at 19 in Ogre.

Compared to the second game, the line-up of “Ogre” had not been supplemented, but the recipe found in the first match for fighting with students was also useful on the field. The guests dominated the fight at the baskets (rebounds 31-49, points from the penalty area 16-32) and attacked more accurately from afar (7/27 – 8/24). Already in the first half, a decisive advantage was gained, which brought the team closer to the bronze medals.

“Ogrei” Jānis Antrops scored 17 points, Mats Juciks 15 (8 atl.), Kristaps Dārgais 8 + 13 atl.

Dāvids Vīksne scored 11 points for the University of Latvia.


In the gold final, the teams exchanged for attacks on their field. “VEF Rīga” won the first match with 94:80, BC “Ventspils” revived with 93:88.

Upcoming games: May 14 at 5:30 pm OSC, May 17 at 6 pm in Ventspils, May 19 at 5:30 pm OSC. If necessary, on May 21 at 6 pm in Ventspils, on May 23 at 6 pm OSC.

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