Only five percent of Ceadir-Lunga residents have been vaccinated against COVID-19. What is the reason | PUBLIC .MD

Only five percent of Ceadir-Lunga residents have been vaccinated against COVID-19. This is what health officials claim, according to which, due to this, the number of infections with the new coronavirus has increased.

“I can’t say that the vaccination process is active. People don’t believe in the vaccine, they’re skeptical. There are people who are still waiting, but there are also those who want a certain serum. One wants Pfizer, another wants Sputnik V. ”

Residents of Ceadir-Lunga do not even want to hear about immunization against COVID-19.

“We do not want because, for the time being, we do not trust, we will wait for others to live. We still think. It’s been a while. If my acquaintances who got vaccinated won’t get infected, then I’ll think about it. ”

“I’m really afraid of side effects. I heard that after vaccination people get sick and have big health problems, that’s why I have big doubts. ”

“No, I’m not vaccinated and I don’t want to. I am retired so I want to live as long as I am given. ”

Vaccine reluctance led to the reopening of the COVID-19 section, just one month after it was closed. Currently, patients from Ceadir-Lunga and Comrat districts are hospitalized there.

“Currently, 13 patients are hospitalized, 10 of whom are diagnosed with COVID. The condition of the patients is relatively average, but most patients are elderly. ”

Those who have been vaccinated say they had good reason to do so.

” – What do you think about vaccination?
– I’m for, it’s mandatory. I had COVID in February and I have to wait. ”

“I think immunization is effective if people get vaccinated in many countries. I didn’t get vaccinated, but many of us are scared we shouldn’t. ”

Local authorities say they are trying to persuade people to immunize themselves.

“There is a lot of negative information about the vaccine, even doctors are exposed to this issue, and it affects people. People here say it’s a political issue and they don’t want to get vaccinated. ”

More than 134,000 people live in the Gagauz region, but only 10% of them have been vaccinated.


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