OnePlus will go back to the roots? The new series of flagships is to be twice cheaper

Although OnePlus has built its position on the “flagship killers”, the good value for money has ceased to play the leading role in the marketing message. OnePlus 9 Pro after all, he started from PLN 4,299, so comparable to the top models of Samsung, Apple or Huawei.

Models from the line are targeted at people who do not want to spend the national average on a smartphone Northhowever, their equipment is much more of a compromise.

OnePlus with a new series of smartphones?

Chinese leaker hiding under the pseudonym Digital Chat Station claimsthat the new series of OnePlus smartphones will combine flagship chips, high-end gaming experience and high-quality displays.

Telephones are to cost in the Middle Kingdom 2–3 thousand yuan. For comparison, OnePlus 9 Pro cost 4,999 yuan in China and 4,299 PLN in Poland.

So there is a chance that – if OnePlus decides to introduce new phones to Poland – they will cost about PLN 2,000.

OnePlus takes an example from Chinese rivals?

The release of cheaper flagships, which will chew up the sale of the more expensive ones, may seem irrational. However, as Steve Jobs once said, “if you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will do it”, which is why many brands choose to do it.

Xiaomi Mi 11 it cost PLN 3499 on the day of the premiere, but soon the same company released the model LITTLE F3. This one cost twice as much, but it doesn’t have a specification twice as bad.

In addition, OnePlus has recently established fruitful cooperation with Hasselblad, so the distinguishing feature of the most expensive smartphones will still be cameras, while cheaper flagships will only tempt with efficiency.

For now, it is not known when the new OnePlus series would appear.

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