One person died when an Osprey plane crashed in the USA – NRK Nordland

Several international media report on the accident.

Also this time it was an American plane that crashed.

The accident happened on Wednesday night around 19:30 local time – this time in the USA.

– The Osprey plane crashed north of the Chincoteague Causeway near Wildcat Point, writes Daily Mail and several other media.

There must have been three people on board the plane.

– A soldier has been killed while two others have been rescued after a naval plane crashed off the coast of Virginia on Wednesday night, the newspaper writes.

The plane is said to have crashed in Chincoteague, USA.

An accident-prone type of aircraft

The crew of four was out on training assignments in the aircraft of the type MV-22B Osprey. It was scheduled to land just before 6 pm on Friday. The plane was reported missing at 18.26 when it did not land as planned.

The special military aircraft has been involved in several accidents since 2007. According to a summary made by NRK, 40 people have lost their lives in accidents on this aircraft.

In 1992, seven people died when a plane crashed into a river in Virginia in the United States. The cause of the accident was an engine failure, and the plane was then put on the ground for almost a year.

The special thing about the plane is that it can take off and land like a helicopter. It can be used to land on vessels or in difficult places in nature to transport in personnel or equipment.

Two people rescued

Officer Rob Myers of the Naval Air Force Atlantic has stated that the plane was in a routine exercise when it went down.

According to the Daily Mail, the emergency services found two injured crew members when they arrived.

The people are said to have contracted broken bones and been transported to Salisbury for treatment.

The third person on board died. He is said to have been found in the back of the plane.

Barriers of area in Beiarn

It is only two weeks since the same aircraft type crashed in Beiarn in Nordland.

The US Department of the Navy is investigating the Beiarn accident, but is sparse with information.

We will do everything in our power to understand what happened that fateful afternoon. We can not go into detail or suggest how long it will take before we can say something about the cause of the accident. It can take several months depending on various factors.

This is what Major General Michael Cederholm says in the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing, according to a press release from it US defense.

The crash site in Gråtådalen in Beiarn is now guarded by the Home Guard.

The site will be cordoned off, in order to secure evidence, maintain public safety and expedite removal of wreckage.

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