Oh gun! Rudova in a mini bikini caved in the pool, exposing the “buns”

The actress shared spicy shots, exciting the fans.

Natalya Rudova. Photo: instagram.com/rudovanata/

Natalya Rudova is a popular actress. She starred in dozens of different films. However, fame brought her role from the series “Tatiana’s Day”. The blonde does not hide the fact that she is often offered to play seductive beauties.

However, she is interested in more acute roles. Although in ordinary life the artist does not hesitate toshowing off her beauty. Recently, the star lost weight, which she boasted on the social network.

Many celebrities went to rest on the sea after the New Year. Rudova also dreams of going on vacation, but so far she has shared archival footage. The actress appeared in a snow-white swimsuit in one frame. The blonde spread her legs in the pool. The fabric of the monokini began to shine through, highlighting all the charms of her figure. Natalya flashed her charms.

In another photo, she appeared in a mini-bikini made of triangles. The artist sat on the edge of the pool, showing her rounded buttocks. Drops of water dripped from her wet hair. Rudova took a seductive pose, arching her back.

Natalya Rudova. Photo: instagram.com/rudovanata/

Fans were shocked after what they saw. Many gave her compliments. “What a hot one”, “Just a gorgeous blonde”, “Oh-oh, cover the cheesecake”, “What chic shapes”, “Your hips are just perfect”, “Natalia, this is an insidious white swimsuit”, You are perfection”, “Temptation in your genes”, “Diva”, “Fairy tale little mermaid”, commented on the footage of netizens.

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