Newly Revealed, Spiders Are Able To Hide Under Water For 30 Minutes

NEW YORKLaba-laba so far only known as an agile predatory animal capable of moving fast, jumping, and camouflaging. Recent research has revealed that spiders are able to hiding under water for 30 minutes.

This fact came to light when Lindsey Swierk, research assistant professor of biological sciences at Binghamton University in New York, saw a large tropical spider (Trechalea extensa) fleeing from humans and taking refuge underwater. This species has never been reported to use water to escape.

Trechalea spiders have not previously been known to hide underwater from danger, let alone for long. Because getting wet and cold is almost as dangerous as facing a predator.

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Swierk said the discovery provides new insights into how spiders face difficulties by seeking shelter under water. “Every time the spider sinks, the layer of air around it appears to be defended by hydrophobic hairs that cover the entire surface of the spider’s body,” he told ScienceDaily.

He said this species of tropical spider uses an “air film” to hide itself underwater from predators for up to 30 minutes. “It’s so complete that the spider almost looks like it’s been dipped in silver,” he said.

This condition makes the spider can still breathe air, because the layer of air serves to protect the breathing holes from water. The air layer can also serve to reduce heat loss to the cold water stream where the spider drowns itself.

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Spiders also have the ability to protect themselves by camouflaging, which is to disguise their body color with their surroundings. Camouflage allows them to sneak up on prey and hide from predators.


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