Health New evidence: Corona was in December in Italy

New evidence: Corona was in December in Italy


The Coronavirus is in Italy, apparently, much longer than previously thought. The causative agent of SARS-CoV-2 had been detected in effluents of the two Northern Italian cities of Milan and Turin in December, said in a statement issued by Italy’s national health Institute ISS.

Officially identified the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy was only in mid-February. This new finding supports the assumption that also in China the Virus much earlier is broken. China, the WHO reported the outbreak on July 31. December. Satellite images and an analysis of the keywords according to symptoms in China suggest that the Virus was already in the autumn.

Early warning system

Italy would have studied earlier will be sewage on the novel Coronavirus, it could have been the deadly epidemic might contain. Typically, a Corona is found to be infection with a throat swab. The Israeli company Kando shows foci of infection, however, in the wastewater. The technology could serve as an early warning system for disease outbreaks, says company CEO Ari Goldfarb.

So far, Kando was a waste, especially industry in the sewers of the coastal city of Ashkelon on the track. “As the Covid pandemic came, it was clear to us that we can use our System and our Knowledge of this,” says the company boss.

Whether it actually works to localize foci of infection in the wastewater, tested Kando, the Israeli government Covid-19-brought patients in to a Hotel in Ashkelon under. The company cooperated with scientists in Israel, Europe and the United States, and launched a one-month pilot project.

Through the analysis of the wastewater findings would have been covered with the information of the Ministry of health, says Goldfarb. Both the number and the location of the Infected have to be very precisely detected.

Global Studies

Also in Paris, Amsterdam, Valencia, Tokyo, Melbourne, and in the U.S. state of Massachusetts wastewater was investigated on corona virus. “But we are the only ones who can say exactly where the eruption is and how big he is,” says Goldfarb.

Kandos technology, which automatically takes samples from the sewer system and measures, which way to put the wastewater back already. The samples are analyzed in laboratories. In this way, then the location can be determined, the virus, the Infected retire, go into the waste water. The System could help to bring the pandemic under control, is convinced the company’s founder.


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