New Disease Discovered After Star Trek Legend Returns from Space

JAKARTA – Experts from Johns Hopkins University discovered a new disease that could afflict astronauts or those who have been to outer space . This health problem is caused by the absence of gravity which makes their spine increase by 3 inches.

Quoted from Daily Star, Monday (10/25/2021), the increase in height of astronauts is likely because their spines are straight due to the absence of gravity. But when returning to Earth, this gravitational force pulls back the position of the astronaut’s spine, which can cause them pain.

The normal curvature of the spine is shaped like the letter S. This helps the spine to withstand gravity, remain flexible, and absorb weight and impact.

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This health problem was only discovered when a team of doctors performed an MRI scan of William Shatner after his flight with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. Doctors noticed a smaller curve in the Star Trek legend’s spine after they returned.

Resident doctor Dr Radostin Penchev at Johns Hopkins Hospital, said the human spine can ‘grow’ up to three inches in length. outer space when adapting to microgravity.

“Not only can this be a cause of acute pain in astronauts, this condition can also affect the stability of their spine when they return to Earth,” he said.

Researchers say 80% of people who have been to space will experience back pain at some point after landing on Earth.

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The research team, whose analysis was published in the journal Anaesthesiology, said the stress and vibrational trauma of riding a rocket and changes in astronauts’ diet while in space can also cause pain.

Resistance clothing can relieve back pain in 85% of sufferers when combined with regular exercise.



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