“Navas? There shouldn’t be alternation, the club chooses”

The blue goalkeeper talks about his first season in Paris: “It was not easy to play only half of the games”

Gianluigi Donnarumma he doesn’t seem to have doubts about his future al Paris Saint Germain nor on what he expects from next season as regards the alternation in goal between him and Keylor Navas: “I think there shouldn’t be alternation, the club has to make choices – he said bluntly during a long interview with the agency. France Press -. If I stay in Paris? Of course yes”.

It is not the first time that Gigio external a certain discontent with the situation and even in this case he made it clear how hard it is for him to have to constantly play the place with another goalkeeper: “What grade do I give myself for this season? It wasn’t easy, let’s say a 7. I know I can do more, not I played many games, only half of them, and it wasn’t easy because in the conditions I lived in I wasn’t able to give my best. But I am convinced that I can give much more to this club. “

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Il relationship with Navasin any case, it is more than good, as confirmed on other occasions by the Costa Rican himself: “I have an excellent relationship with Keylor, we are two good guys and we understand the situation. It was tough for him too, but let’s say that we did well, with the whole group and especially between us “.

The former Milan then retraced some key moments of the season that is about to end, starting from sensational mistake on Benzema’s goal against Real Madrid in the Champions League: “I don’t feel guilty, not at all. We know how it went, the goal was not regular, even if we could have managed the rest of the game better. But now we have to look ahead, the past is past, there is nothing that we can do to go back. Next year we will show everyone who we are. We have the means to win in Europe, but it doesn’t have to become an obsession. Obsession would get us nowhere, we just have to keep calm, do that we know how to do, play football, work and the results will come “.

A reflection on theexclusion of Italy from the World Cup in Qatar: “It was hard, very hard to digest. They were difficult days, but as I said, there is no going back. What we did at the Europeans will remain in history, we have achieved an incredible result. But Italy must go to the World Cup, always, and unfortunately we have not succeeded “.

In the meantime, Gigio consoles himself with first national title of his career: “It’s nice, it’s my first Scudetto and I’m very happy because this is also my first trophy with the PSG shirt. I’m proud to belong to such an ambitious club, which always aims high. Pressure after the European Championship? No, but the debut was not easy, it was my first time outside Italy, in a new club. But luckily I have a big family behind me and I’m in a big club, where the reception was terrific “.

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