NATO membership for Ukraine: Kiev wants more clarity from Washington

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According to Ukrainian President Vladimir Selensky, Kiev needs a resounding “yes” or “no” from US President Joe Biden on the question of the NATO membership action plan for Ukraine.

In addition, the United States should provide economic support to Ukraine, Zelensky told Reuters on Monday.

According to Zelensky, most of the Russian troops deployed to areas near the Ukrainian border in the spring have not withdrawn. In addition, Moscow hesitated to meet President Vladimir Putin for no clear reason, Zelensky continued.

In a telephone conversation in early June, US President Joe Biden had promised his Ukrainian counterpart “maximum security guarantees” for Kiev. In addition, Biden and Selenski raised the prospect of Ukraine joining NATO as “an important instrument for strengthening security”. Since then, Selenski has insisted on his country’s concrete prospect of joining the alliance.
Nato-Emblem - SNA, 1920, 06.11.2021

NATO summit 2021: will Ukraine become a member? – Expert opinions
Even Russian President Vladimir Putin does not rule out Ukraine joining NATO. According to him, it is quite conceivable that Ukraine’s plans to join NATO would be on the agenda. In any case, no one has said “no” so far.


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