National Red Cross days in Dijon with Adriana Karembeu

National Red Cross Days begin this weekend

Credit: Photo d’illustration / Guillaume Binet

From May 14 to 22, French Red Cross volunteers will meet the public to collect the donations needed to support their local activities. In this period when situations of vulnerability are on the increase, the national days of the French Red Cross are an essential event for the pursuit of local solidarity actions. Philippe Da Costa, President of the French Red Cross, and Adriana Karembeu, ambassador of the association, will meet the volunteers and the public on Place Darcy at 5 p.m. this Saturday, May 14. Volunteers from the Red Cross of Côte d’Or are mobilizing and will also be offering fun activities to help people discover their actions on Place Darcy throughout the day.

If you give below you, you help below you.

“After two years of a serious health crisis and in the heart of a conflict that Europe has not known since the Second World War, our society is bearing the brunt of the impacts of multidimensional crises which will be part of Over time, the difficulties are likely to multiply for the most vulnerable but also for new sections of the population. Solidarity is essential in these uncertain times! The volunteers of the French Red Cross need all the support of the public during this week of mobilization which will enable them to collect money to continue or even intensify their local solidarity actions” – Philippe Da Costa, President of the French Red Cross French red. From May 14 to 22, thousands of French Red Cross volunteers will travel across mainland France and the overseas territories to meet the inhabitants of towns and villages in order to present their projects to them and obtain their support to continue to support the most vulnerable.

Unpublished: an exceptional device in Dijon to kick off

This year, for the first time, an exceptional national launch will be available simultaneously on May 14 in 4 cities: Paris, Dijon, Nice and Rennes. The two ambassadors of the French Red Cross, Adriana Karembeu and Marc Levy, will give the starting signal for the national days during the morning in Paris. And in the afternoon, the President of the French Red Cross, Philippe Da Costa, and Adriana Karembeu will go to Place Darcy in Dijon to support the volunteers and to meet the public. The 4 Local Units of the Red Cross in Côte d’Or are also mobilizing and will offer fun activities to show their actions on Place Darcy in Dijon on Saturday May 14 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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