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Murcia, outraged not to receive aid for DANA, as Valencia and Alicante | Radio Murcia | Today


The central Government has approved aid for three million euros to restore the damage caused by the passage of the depression isolated at high levels (DANA) in the Valencian Community in September of 2019, which has caused the indignation of the of Murcia.

In a audio, the minister of works and Infrastructure, José Ramón Diez de Revenga, says that Murcia was the region that suffered the most damage and will feel “punished”, “discriminated against” and “despised” after accept “stupor” this action of the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, when referred to the Delegation of the Spanish Executive in that community all of the documentation required to be eligible for such support of the State and of the European Union without having obtained even a response.

The Finance minister and spokesperson of the Government, María Jesús Montero, has ratified the emergency action for the restoration of infrastructure in the forests of the Valencian Community, for what has passed one and a half million euros for Valencia and Alicante, respectively, affected by the passing of DANA.

The grants were approved at the request of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, after the rains last September that resulted in the detachment of slopes on the various roads, trees falling, and siltation of culverts, among other damages, as well as damage to infrastructure of forest fire prevention.

Among the works planned are the reconstruction of embankments, the cleaning of gutters, repair of speed humps and steps of water, the reconstruction of pavements, the construction of walls retaining the embankments and the repair of infrastructures for forest fire prevention.

Montero has reported the distribution of a document that explains how to perform the calculations and assessments of the damage to the delivery of aid.


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