News Municipal : the support of Laurent Wauquiez Frederic Laporte...

Municipal : the support of Laurent Wauquiez Frederic Laporte (LR) is gnash the teeth of the other candidates in Montluçon (Allier)


In a short press release issued, Wednesday, June 17, Frédéric Laporte and the list for Montluçon have formalized the support of Laurent Wauquiez to the outgoing mayor of Montluçon for the second round of municipal elections, in the aftermath of the visit of the president of the region in the city of the banks of the Cher.

“Important that people can work with confidence “

“I’ve always wanted to support Montluçon in his projects and I will continue to bring my support “, indicates the president of the region Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. And to add : “It is important that people can work confidently with the municipal team. They have all my support. “

In itself, this announcement is not a huge scoop, knowing that the two men are members of the Republicans and that the party has dubbed Frédéric Laporte. But it is no less a satisfaction for the candidate who considers ” important in a difficult context to have the support of the region in the framework of a mandate from the mayor “.

Frédéric Laporte sees it as ” a support to our project “, but also to the “candidate” after the unsuccessful intervention of Laurent Wauquiez for a merger is made with the list of Joseph Roudillon (DVD).

Municipal : the union fails to the right, there will be a quadrangular at Montluçon

“Remarks completely displaced “

The timing and the form very quickly react, the three other candidates for mayor. Somewhat annoyed, also, by a publication of Frédéric Laporte on the social networks where the latter says : “Our team is the only one that will be able to work intelligently with the region over the next six years. “

Frederick Kott (KVD) finds these remarks totally displaced “. And further : “aids in the region do not depend on the political colour of the elected officials. The functioning republican wants that we work all in the same direction and in the interest of the territory. This does not exclude that there approaches are completely different as on the non-rail Montluçon, france-Lyon. “

Joseph Roudillon speaks for its part of the ” confusion of the genres in total, but this is not new. Do the institutions of our country instruments supporters do not grow their authors.”

The candidate has just as little tasted of the visit of Laurent Wauquiez, Tuesday, at Montlucon, and his proposal for a support of 500,000 euros to Environmental recycling.

The Region says it is ready to put 500,000 euros on the table to help Recyclea to relocate jobs in Montluçon (Allier)

No one is fooled, his visit was for the purpose of saving the soldier Laporte. One is entitled to hope for more height and a sense of the common good

Facing the wrath of his opponents, Frédéric Laporte maintains that “consistency and concordance of views between the communities” allow us to better serve the territory.

An argument that does not convince more Sylvie Sartirano (without label) : “This is simply not respectful of the candidates in the presence, but as he [Frédéric Laporte, NDLR] is not respectful of the word of the elect that he listens to little or not, ” tackle it.

The three lessons of the first round of the municipal Montluçon (Allier)

Michael Nicolas



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