Mom sues Instagram and Snapchat over 11-year-old daughter’s suicide

We talk a lot about the negative impact of social networks on the mental health of young people. Incidentally, the mother-of-one is now suing the parent companies of Instagram and Snapchat, accusing the two platforms of the suicide of her 11-year-old daughter.

According to the mother, the child was completely and excessively addicted to both social networks.

The mother of an 11-year-old girl is suing Instagram and Snapchat for allegedly instigating her daughter’s suicide last year. Tammy Rodriguez began the lawsuit against the companies responsible for the two platforms in federal court in San Francisco on Thursday.

As Tammy claims, her daughter Selena became addicted to both social networks, and when she tried to limit their use, the child ended up running away from her home. Indeed, the mother of the family reveals, in the trial, that Selena consulted a psychologist who told her that “I had never seen a patient as addicted to social networks as Selena”.

Mom wants Instagram and Snapchat to be held accountable

Selena’s mother is represented by the Social Media Victims Law Center, a law firm that claims to work “to hold social media companies legally accountable for harms they inflict on vulnerable users.”

We are devastated to learn of Selena’s passing and our hearts go out to her family. Although we cannot comment on the specifics of active litigation, nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our community.

We work closely with many mental health organizations to provide tools and resources to users as part of our ongoing work to keep our community safe.

said a spokesperson for Snapchat’s parent company.

Recently, tech companies, including Instagram’s parent company and Snapchat itself, have come under heavy criticism for how they treat the most vulnerable users. Critics point out that nothing is being done to contain the negative impact that the platforms have, for example, on the youngest.

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