Milan and Juve cancel out 0-0. Boredom and fear of losing, Inter and Napoli smile. Only the knockout of Ibra is news | A league

Milan e Juventus they cancel and after 90 minutes bad and without chances, they are satisfied with a draw for 0-0 that makes no one smile except Inter e Naples, victorious in this 4th matchday of Serie A. A point that is of little use and that comes after a game in which there are very few scoring chances built by two teams that appeared slow, tired and not very incisive. In the void of the match, therefore only the knockout of Ibrahimovic, who came out prematurely due to a problem with his Achilles tendon, and the squaring of Juventus’ defense with Allegri at the 9th consecutive useful result. Enough? Not to build a show, expected on the eve, but absent in this race.

Boredom or fear of losing? Right from the start, the two teams appear compact and squashed, very attentive in the defensive phase and unwilling to risk the game. The contrasts are rough throughout the central area of ​​the pitch and both the Rossoneri and the Bianconeri struggle to bring the ball close to the penalty area. And so iThe first real thrill comes for a rough intersection in the Juventus penalty area between Calabria and Alex Sandro which triggers the protests of Milan, without finding Di Bello’s whistle.

Juventus responds with Square at the first real dangerous shot towards the goal defended by Maignan, but without finding it. The acceleration of Leao forces Szczesny to the first save, but it is too little for two teams with this potential, to the point that the most important news of the first 30 minutes is Ibrahimovic’s injury, forced to go out (enters Giroud), due to a flare-up of an achilles tendon problem. A negative shock for the Rossoneri who, however, react with Calabria whose shot from outside the area touches the intersection, but ends high by blowing out a flame that is already quite timid until the end of the first half.

In the second half the script does not change and alone Morata e Leao they manage to direct the ball towards the opponent’s goals without becoming dangerous. And so, as in the first half, it is a dubious episode in the penalty area, with Messias who misses the stop and hits Moarata, to rekindle the dormant minds of the 22 in the field with protests, to be honest, more just than those of the first half, which do not lead Di Bello to grant the penalty.

Allegri and Pioli try to break the deadlock with i you change but the inputs of Saelemaekers, Bennacer, Rebic and Florenzi for the Rossoneri, Arhtur, Kean, Bernardeschi, Rabiot e Kulusevski for the bianconeri they do not produce the desired effects and only two accelerations by Theo Hernandez allow Milan to experience the coup. It does not go and in the end the draw with white nets resists until the triple whistle with a point each that is of little use to both and that makes you smile and enjoy, on balance, only Naples and Inter.

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