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The latest news on the couple: after 10 years of marriage, the presenter and the entrepreneur formalize their separation. The daughters Sole and Celeste will continue to live with their mother

With a press release entrusted toAnsa, Michelle Hunziker e Tomaso Trussardi have formalized their separation

, confirming what had been said for some time: «After 10 years together, we have decided to change our life plan. We are committed to continuing the growth path of our wonderful girls with love and friendship. Our separation will remain a common and private path. No further comments will follow in respect of the privacy of our family ».

The crisis of the couple, married since 2014, era

one of the most insistent voices of recent times: now the confirmation comes from those directly involved, who have chosen a path followed by other celebrities, that of the shared press release. A decision made to protect above all the daughters Sole, 9 years old, and Celeste, 7,

who will continue to live with their mother .

Thus ends the love story of one of the most beautiful couples in the Italian star system: love at first sight born at the Ristorante Trussardi Alla Scala, owned by Tomaso Trussardi, and crowned by wedding celebrated at the Palazzo della Ragione in Bergamo on 10 October 2014
. The reasons for the crisis are unknown, although for some time the followers had noticed a separation of the couple: no posts together on instagram and very few, indeed almost none, released together, starting from the recent ones Christmas holidays, which Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi spent apart.

The presenter spent the entire period in Alta Badia, a place in the heart of the couple, but this time without Tomaso. With her were the two daughters Sole and Celeste and best friend Serena Autieri: it seems that he joined the group to celebrate Christmas, but immediately afterwards the couple split again, perhaps in search of that serenity and detachment necessary to reflect on the future. But the return to normality did not lead to the much hoped for reconciliation: Michelle and Tomaso have decided to continue along different paths, trying to protect the serenity of their daughters as much as possible.

For Michelle Hunziker this is the second separation, after the one from Eros Ramazzotti, father of the daughter Aurora: Tomaso Trussardi instead he has no previous marriages behind him. “I liked it right away: we exchanged numbers and I was the first to call”, he had told al Courier service the host
, a few months after the wedding. “He never made up his mind to kiss me, my daughter Aurora saw me coming back disappointed”, the presenter revealed, telling how he managed to break down the wall of “singleness” that had built around himself. «I was very difficult to manage, I did everything myself». Then one day a phone call came. “He said to me,“ Michelle, you don’t want a man, you want to be a man. And I don’t want a story without sharing ”. And I understood that I could let myself be guided ».

Tomaso Trussardi had also recounted the feeling that bound him to his wife in an interview with The Economy of Courier service:
“After a year of knowing her, I wanted to marry her. Michelle had a thousand fears, I was 29, she was 35, the age difference counted for her, but not for me ». A love also cemented by mutual esteem: “When there is a decision to be taken, I want your opinion, your overall vision and emotional intelligence help me”. But also from paths of suffering: for Tomaso the loss of his father Nicola Trussardi at 15, for Michelle the pain for his alcoholic father and the long parenthesis of the “sect”, which she herself recounted in the book-confession “An apparently perfect life”
. The couple had also shared with fans the entire period of lockdown, spent in Tomaso Trussardi’s family palace in Bergamo, where Michelle Hunziker reunited all her large extended family: now the proof of Family “cohesion” awaits both, from today officially committed to “a new project of life”.


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