Meteor about the biggest owls, painting monkeys and the orientation of bees

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Why is it hard to predict morning frosts?

This is information that many people are interested in: When I get up in the morning and go to work, will it freeze? Will I have to scrape the car windows again? It happens that the forecast predicts frost and he will not come. Or, on the contrary, he will not predict him and he will come.

Martin Novák from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute in Ústí nad Labem explains why it is difficult to predict morning temperatures. It really depends on where we are. Cold air flows from the hills to the lowest places, which cools. Why is the most difficult situation in complicated terrain, in no wind and in clear skies?

The groundbreaking Apple Macintosh computer

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Video of 1984 Apple’s Macintosh Commercial (HD)

Advertising has great power. The power to affect a huge number of people. Push the idea. Give the impression that you just have to buy the product. This was true in the era of print advertising. When the time came for television, advertising took the form of video clips.

Several of them went down in history, perhaps with their ingenuity or what was promoted. As in the case of the first personal computer, the expansion of which began a revolution in computer technology. We remembered this in the section What Happened This Day, which is being prepared by Ing. František Houdek.

Can a great eagle catch a hedgehog?

The great eagle owl is our biggest owl. Right now in the winter months, he hears his typical honking, which even brought him the Latin name bubo bubo. But this owl has suffered from a bad reputation in the past, as well as hunting partridges, pheasants and hares that have fallen on humans.

At the end of the 19th century, it was almost exterminated and only 10 nesting pairs remained. What is the situation today? Where can you find an owl in the wild, why does it nest in rocks and can really catch a hedgehog? Zoologist Jan Andreska from the Faculty of Education at Charles University told everything about the breeding.

Rhymed triangles

triangle, geometry

Mathematical calculations performed in triangles are taught to children in primary school. The Pythagorean theorem valid in right triangles allows you to calculate the unknown side if we know the size of the two remaining sides.

Trigonometric functions such as sine and cosine show the relationship between the angle and the sides that grip it. Our listener Vít Ryšánek wrote several poems that describe just these laws. The Dean of MFF UK doc. Mirko Rokyta.

Can orangutans paint?

How do orangutans relate to the visual arts?

One cannot expect works of art such as from Leonardo da Vinci or Rembrandt. Nevertheless, the researchers observed monkeys, which are wasting time at the zoo by painting. They had different colors to choose from according to their mood.

The new study analyzed several thousand paintings painted by orangutans in detail. It turns out that the images were dependent on the season or the experiences of the monkeys. Is this how people’s first attempt at art looked like? An interesting research was presented by biologist prof. Jaroslav Petr.

How do bees orient themselves?

Have you ever wondered how bees orient themselves in the forest?

Each of us was in the woods. Either we walked the beaten path or we had a map, in any case we had a lot of sense. Standing in the middle of an unknown forest, where there are only trees all around, is a very difficult situation in terms of orientation.

The forest is full of various species of animals who have to deal with the situation. How do forest bees deal with this? Does sight or smell help them? A new book by the Grada publishing house, entitled Honey bees and their mysterious life in the forest, writes about this. Jan Teplý reads for Meteor.

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