Meet the heroes of the new criminal comedy “Trustee”!

From January 17, Go3 TV will feature the crime comedy The Trustee, a five-story series about financial manipulation and those involved. Meet the heroes of the series!

The series “Trustee”, produced by Juris Podnieks studios and directed by Yuri Skorobogatov, tells about money, accounts and clumsy fraudsters.

In order to unlock the account, Artis, a tax optimization specialist, has to find Jana, a member of the board of a fictitious company, who has a very large amount of money in her bank account. When a casual worker is turned into a lady who could actually own such an account, she has her own plan for what to do next.

Artis (Yuri Djakonov) is engaged in the sale of exclusive properties, helping its clients to circumvent the tax system. He has respectable clients, a beautiful girlfriend and enough money. Artis is a sympathetic, polished scammer with a frivolous outlook on life, but his orderly life is fundamentally changing in an attempt to unlock Boris Sergeyevich’s account, which requires Jan’s presence.

Jana (Maria Linarte) is a homeless woman who is involved in drug trafficking and various casual jobs. Jana is not unfamiliar with the criminal world and she knows how to break out, however, she also longs for intimacy at times, especially with her mother, who once left her in an orphanage. A trip to the bank makes a big difference in Jana’s life, but deep in her heart she remains true to her principles.

Voiteks (Egons Dombrovskis) uses people who have found themselves in unenviable life situations by selling their personal data to entrepreneurs to set up shell companies. Be ready for anything if necessary to achieve your goals. It can also take someone’s life. He is a very balanced and calm person. Lithuanian.

Boris Sergeyevich (Igor Chernavsky) is a Russian millionaire with a residence permit in Latvia. Engaged in the construction business, generously feeding municipal officials. He has chosen Arti as his trustee for business in Latvia. Boris’ pet is a spitz dog Rio.

Anataloy / Toliks (Marcis Bear) is Jan ‘s brother. Thief and drug dealer.

Ilona (Zane Alļēna) is Arta ‘s greedy girlfriend and future bride.

Edwin (Kaspars Gods) is Tolika’s business partner.

Actors Niklāvs Kurpnieks, Ģirts Krūmiņš, Marija Bērziņa, Liene Šmukste, Ritvars Gailums and others also play important roles in the series. The series will feature a song created by Ozols and music by Kārlis Auzāns.


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