News Medicines. IMSS HIV patients close Reformation

Medicines. IMSS HIV patients close Reformation


To demand supply of antiretrovirals, HIV patients, right holders IMSS, members of civil organizations and other institutions closed the central lanes of Paseo de la Reforma, in front of the headquarters of the Institute.

“We are more than 750 patients who need medications, do not fill the full prescriptions, let the director out,” protesters demand.

As a protest, the patients threw red paint at the IMSS headquarters and some officials who were walking through the area.

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“Let Zoe Robledo come out, receive us and tell us why there is no rapid HIV test, to tell us when the medicines are going to be,” said Aldair Jiménez, an HIV patient.

Protesters say that if they do not have a dialogue table with the general director of the institute, they will not remove the blockade in Paseo de la Reforma.

“We have nothing to lose, without medications it is as if they told us that we are evicted, they cannot presume that there is supply and in the clinics they tell us otherwise, if they do not attend to us, we will not move,” said the activist.



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