MediaMarkt undercuts Amazon with the best smartwatch price

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a high-end smartwatch that succeeds the popular Gear S3. As with the Samsung smartphones, the price of the smart watch did not remain stable for long, but fell noticeably after a short time. MediaMarkt has once again undercut Amazon with a new offer. Amazon follows suit?

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Smartwatch available at low prices

Update from April 21st, 2020: At MediaMarkt it is Samsung Galaxy Watch for only 199 euros available. In contrast to previous offers, Amazon has not yet followed suit. The Smartwatch is currently available at MediaMarkt at the absolute best price.

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Samsung has a real problem. No product is really stable in value. As soon as a Samsung device is on the market, the price begins to fall. This applies not only to new cell phones, but also to tablets and now smart watches. You only have to wait a few weeks and the prices are already falling. This is currently also happening with the Samsung Galaxy Watch, as you can see in the graphic below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch with 42 mm

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 42 mm cost 309 euros at launch. Meanwhile it is Price at Saturn or MediaMarkt at less than 270 euros like. This means that the smartwatch currently costs just as little as shortly before Christmas, when Samsung carried out a special discount campaign. The delivery time was several weeks at the time. It is of course immediately available from Saturn or MediaMarkt.

Samsung Galaxy Watch with 46 mm

The situation is similar with the Samsung Galaxy Watch with 46 mm, the price of which was 329 euros at the market launch. At Saturn and MediaMarkt, the smartwatch has fallen by 50 euros each. So you get the clock currently for less than 270 euros.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: what makes the smartwatch special?

In comparison to Gear S3 Samsung has changed a lot with the Galaxy Watch. This time there is a smaller version and colors for women. The software has been improved, the watch is now even better for swimming and the glass visibly reduces reflections so that the watch can be read better outdoors. We show you what else the watch has on it in the following video:

Samsung Galaxy Watch: will the price continue to fall?

If you look at the previous price trend and the Gear S3 as a role model takes, then the price will definitely continue to fall in the foreseeable future. It is always difficult to say how much and how quickly the price will drop. With the Gear S3, it took a relatively long time to reach a price of less than 200 euros. The Galaxy Watch could go a little faster according to the previous development, since the price is lower from the start.

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