Marta Ortega – the saleswoman who inherited the Zara empire

With her announcement alone, her father’s company lost $ 3 billion

Whether she deserves the title of “Lady Zara” will have to prove Marta Ortega, who after April 1 will head the world’s largest fast fashion corporation “Inditex”, under whose hat are the brands “Zara”, “Bershka”. “Pool and Bear”, “Massimo Duti” and others.

Since 2010, the company, whose majority owner is one of the world’s richest people, Amancio Ortega, has been run by Pablo Isla. Under his leadership, Inditex has since doubled its market value and opened a number of new stores around the world. Therefore, perhaps with good reason the news that Ortega’s youngest daughter, Marta, will replace Pablo Isla as president, was received with some distrust and criticism, and on the first day the company’s shares fell by 6%, or 3 billion. dollars.

In fact, although unknown to the general public, 38-year-old Marta has been an employee of Inditex for 15 years.

The heiress of the empire was born in the city of Vigo, Galicia. As a child, she was cared for by a British nanny and spoke perfect English, French and Italian outside her native Spanish. She graduated from a private school in Switzerland and from there went on to study business at the European Business School in London. It was in the British capital that he began his first job with his father. She was only 22 at the time and was hired as a sales consultant at one of King’s Road’s Zara stores.

“The first week I thought not to survive

but after a while I became attached to the store, ”Martha said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal last April.

Some British tabloids claim that the store quickly found out that she was the owner’s daughter, not only because of her name, but also because of the expensive Rolex watch she wore.

People close to the family say that Martha is very similar to her father. This also explains why little is known about her personal life – she has apparently accepted Amancio’s maxim that

“One must to appear in the newspapers, when he is born when he marries and when he dies ”

Martha Ortega has two marriages and two children. Her first wedding was in 2012 to Olympic equestrian athlete Sergio Alvarez Moya. She also loves horses and has participated in many world competitions. For the wedding, her father then donated a horse club and a special racehorse, which cost 3.5 million euros. Her love for Mine lasts for three years. They have a baby boy named after her father, Amancio.

In 2016, on the birthday of the Spanish model Eugenia Silva in Madrid, Marta met the son of one of the most prestigious designers Roberto Torreta – Carlos. At the time, he was living in New York, where he was selecting models for a major fashion agency. But a year after the love between the two flares up, he returns to his native Spain.

The two are getting married in 2018.

On the wedding day Martha changes four dresses

sew especially for her

from Valentino. It is said that they were brought to her by private plane personally by the creative director of the brand – Pierpaolo Piccioli. The celebration at the family house in La Coruna was attended by 400 guests. Among them are Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin and Nora Jones, who sang at the wedding. The photos from the event are of the German fashion photographer Peter Lindberg, who died a year later. The menu was prepared personally by chef Albert Adria, who currently works at the Michelin-starred restaurant Barcelona Tickets.

Martha and Carlos have a daughter, Matilda, who will turn two in March. The media calls her

“Baby Zara”

At the moment, Marta is the head of the design department at Inditex, which analyzes the brand’s best-selling clothes worldwide. According to her colleagues, she is “shy and hardworking”, but also an heiress with “character and her own opinion on all issues”. She works like her father – without having her own office at the company’s headquarters. Instead, he is available every day to his colleagues from different departments.

“My father was never good at anything specific, but

was the best in to find the right one a man for everything “,

tells Martha in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

She is also responsible for many of the successful campaigns of Inditex brands in recent years. Many claim that they are due to her many connections with various personalities in the fashion world. She is one of the closest friends of the Spanish Queen Leticia, whom the paparazzi often spotted dressed in Zara clothes. Her acquaintances with fashion photographers Mario Sorrenti and Stephen Meisel turned the company’s online shopping site into what we know today. From them comes the concept of models and clothes to be photographed as if they were presented in a magazine.

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