Mahfud is outspoken about the beginning of the National Police Chief Wanting to Recruit KPK Employees Failed TWK


Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security, Mahfud Md, spoke about the polemic of the National Insight Test (TWK) for the transfer of employee status NCP become ASN. Mahfud opened up about the idea that the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo started to recruit employees who failed to TWK KPK.

This was revealed by Mahfud in a virtual dialogue with Didik Junaidi Rachbini via live Twitter, Wednesday (29/9/2021). At first, Didik asked Mahfud to explain the roots of the TWK KPK controversy. Mahfud started his explanation with the new KPK Law.

“There is a law that KPK employees must be ASN. Because at that time the consideration was that the state institutions were not ASN employees. Then it was agreed to become ASN. So far they have been working. Then a regulation was made so that they were transferred to ASN status from KPK employees to employees. country,” said Mahfud.

Mahfud said the KPK leadership then made rules regarding TWK. The KPK has issued Commission Regulation (Perkom) Number 1 of 2021 concerning the procedure for transferring employee status to state civil apparatus (ASN).

Then to do that NCP The commissioner himself made a commissioner’s regulation, which states that people who want to switch to ASN must take a national insight test. After the test, about 1,300 of those who took the test were declared not to have passed by the KPK, according to the results of the KPK TWK. Then there is the problem, there is controversy,” he said.

Mahfud realized that the transfer of the status of KPK employees to ASN had a long debate. To end the debate, Mahfud said the government opened the option of recruiting KPK employees who did not pass the TWK to become ASN in government agencies.

“After a long debate, finally, the KPK did not want to appoint them as ASN to become ASN in the government, because the KPK is an independent institution. According to law, the KPK is an executive agency but not subordinate to the President, it becomes its own institution,” said Mahfud.

“If the KPK doesn’t want to be an independent institution, it doesn’t want to take these 75 people, let us take it. We have tested again, of these 75, 17 have passed so that the rest are still rejected by the KPK, then the government should enter the government through what? ASN at my place’, said the National Police Chief in accordance with the President’s approval,” he continued.

Mahfud hopes the TWK polemic NCP soon to end. He said the positions of the 56 officers would be tailored to their ranks in the KPK.

“So now the questions about the KPK are 56 or 57, the government has if you want to become an ASN, let’s go to the police and become an ASN there. The rank is the same as the other friends who were appointed by the KPK whose tenure is 3 years, group 4 3D years and so on are the same. Now that was the last government like that,” he explained.


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