Lucile & L’info, a satirical comic on news channels

“Lucile & L’info” is a satirical comic strip on continuous news channels. To laugh, of course, but also to make fun of CNews, BFM TV or LCI and denounce certain journalistic practices…

Lucile has just left journalism school and is lucky enough to be hired by KFM TV, a non-stop news channel. If her boyfriend finds it degrading to work for this kind of media, Lucile just wants to learn her trade. The gags are linked in this comic strip which shows all the failings of news channels obsessed with the scoop and the audience.

Everyone takes it for their rank and journalism does not always grow out of it. But, we also take a liking to the characters who, like puppets, do what they can to keep their place in this great media circus. There is also a bit of hope in Lucile’s attempts to do her job honestly. After reading “Lucile & l’info”, you will never look at news channels the same way again!

  • Author: Erroc
  • Drawings: Arnaud Poitevin
  • Publisher: Bamboo
  • 48 pages
  • Price: €10.95

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