Lovely Prey is free next week

Epic Games Store has rolled out its latest free offer, and this time there are three games you can take with you. These are Prey, Jotun and Redout.


Thunder Lotus Games

If you want one or more of them, just stop by Epic store page for free games by Thursday, May 19th. Here you press on to the game or games you want and find the button marked «Get». After logging in, you will find the game in your Epic library.

Scary and fascinating

Prey originally came into the world in 2017, from the developers behind Dishonored. The game serves awful mood to the degrees, as well as a story like our reviewer greatly appreciated.


Bidle: 34BigThings srl

– Prey is a solid and entertaining game. It is first and foremost the stories in the game that are worth experiencing, and then both the main story, as well as many of the good side quests in the game, Gøran Solbakken wrote at the time.

Redout, a fast-paced racing game inspired by good old Wipeout, also received a good reception here at the farm. The Viking game Jotun rounds off what is a strong week with free offers in the Epic store.

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