lllegal party in Dalfsen ends after emergency order | Inland

According to the municipality, the preparations for the party were already reported on social media on Friday. The municipality states that it has been in contact with the organizer of the event several times, “to induce him not to let this take place on the basis of the corona measures in force.” According to the municipality, the organizer did not listen to this, after which a so-called order subject to penalty was imposed on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday evening, people were called on via social media to come to the Burgemeester van Bruggenplein, according to the municipality. There, and at the town hall, a large group of people gathered and the meeting was accompanied by live music. As a result, the whole had the character of an event, but events are not allowed with the current corona measures, the municipality indicates. At the town hall, several hundred visitors were involved, who also consumed alcoholic drinks and set off fireworks.

In an effort to prevent more visitors from entering the village, the police stood at access roads. Visitors who were already present were also called upon to go home. Because of “fear of disorder and danger to public health”, the mayor issued an emergency order around 11 p.m., forcing visitors to return home if necessary. Many visitors left at that time, according to the municipality. Around midnight, the mobile unit was deployed to let the last people leave.

Van Lente says in a response that it is clear that there is no stretch in society. “Corona has limited us for a long time. I can understand that everyone longs for a party. But that doesn’t mean I can allow it. Certainly not if there is a conscious call for a very large group of people to come together.”

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