News Live: Motagua takes advantage over Marathón with Klusener's goal

Live: Motagua takes advantage over Marathón with Klusener’s goal


Danli, Honduras

Motagua is beating Marathon 1-0 in the second dueling match that opens day 3 of the 2020 Closing of the National League of Honduras.

The Blue Cyclone arrives as a leader without allowing a goal, and the Monster has started hesitantly. The eagles maintain a strong squad with few changes. Perhaps the only outstanding casualty is that of the young man Denil Maldonado, who left the nest to join the Pachuca.

Marathon has cost more to start. It has weighed the absence of Yustin Arboleda and Carlo Costly, but in the green camp they trust that they will find the way not to miss them.


MIN 65 Change in Marathon! Carlos Perdomo enters and leaves Discua.

MIN 58 Gooooal de Motagua! Klusener scores 1-0 against Marathon. The Argentine premieres with a goal in Honduras.

MIN 55 Great collective play at Motagua, Argentina’s Klusener shoots and the ball hits Bryan Barrios. Near Motagua.

MIN 54 Change in Marathon! Yerson Gutierrez enters and Luis Vega leaves.

MIN 48 Ufff! Juan Pablo Montes and Denovan Torres are headed for a corner kick. First arrival of Motagua in the second half.

Let’s go to the second half: Draw 0-0 between Motagua and Marathón at the Marcelo Tinoco de Danlí stadium.

HALF TIME: Motagua and Marathón are not hurt and go to rest by drawing 0-0 in Danlí.

MIN 42 Oops! Gálvaliz takes a left-footed shot in the area and the ball moves to the side.

MIN 40 Ufffff! Carlos Discua lifts the ball over Rougier and the ball goes over the club after assistance from Mario Martínez. Incredible opportunity that Marathon fails.

MIN 38 Oops! Juan Pablo Montes takes a shot at the deflected area in the Marathón after a series of rebounds.

MIN 33 Walter Martínez de Motagua is booked after a foul on Carlos Discua.

MIN 25 Zurdazo by Mario Martínez who arrives without problems at the hands of goalkeeper Jonathan Rougier.

MIN 28 Oops! Bruno Volpi right-footed after assist from Bryan Barrios, the ball went to the side of the goal.

MIN 25 Zurdazo by Mario Martínez who arrives without problems at the hands of goalkeeper Jonathan Rougier.

MIN 19 Uffff! Now Juan Pablo Montes header and the ball goes up the goal.

MIN 16 Oops! Kevin López header in the area and the ball goes over the goal. New arrival of Motagua.

MIN 8 Uffff! Argentina’s Klusener throws and connects the ball, but the ball passes over the goal. New notice from Motagua.

MIN 4 Ufffff! Walter Martínez right and the ball passes to the side of the goal. Motagua warns.

MIN 2 Uffff! Spectacular free kick by Mario Martínez and in the background Jonathan Rougier looks great with a great save. Near the first of the Marathon.

Started! Motagua and Marathón face for day 3 of the Clausura 2020 Tournament of the League of Honduras.

The 11th holder of the Marathon: Denovan Torres; Bryan Barrios, Bryan Johnson, Esteban Espíndola, Michael Osorio, Roger Iscoa, Kervin Arriaga, Edwin Solano, Carlos Discua, Mario Martínez, Bruno Volpi.

The 11th head of Motagua: Jonathan Rougier, Félix Crisanto, Juan Pablo Montes, Marcelo Pereira, Omar Elvir; Sergio Peña, Kevin López, Matías Gálvaliz, Walter Martínez, Roberto Moreira, Gonzalo Klusener.

Good afternoon. Welcome to the minute by minute of what will be the duel between Motagua vs Marathón corresponding to day 3 of the 2019 Closing of the National League.



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