Lionel Messi met again with Xavi and Busquets in a restaurant in Barcelona

La Pulga participated in a meeting for the birthday of the current DT of the culé. Busquets and Jordi Alba also attended

Lionel Messi traveled to Barcelona to visit his friends Xavi Hernández, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. The Argentine star, who was disaffected from the last call of Lionel Scaloni for the Argentine team that will play the double date of the South American Qualifiers against Chile and Colombia, went to a Spanish restaurant and met again with his former teammates in the culé team.

the catalan newspaper Sports world published the first image of the PSG footballer and immediately all kinds of rumors were unleashed. Many speculated with a possible return of the idol to the culé cast, especially one week after the closing of the winter pass market.

However, this was quickly dismissed as This January 25 is the birthday of the Barcelona coach. “It is a private dinner among friends planned for a long time. There is no need to draw any further conclusions. In 15 minutes it will be Xavi’s birthday”, they stated from the big game of the chain COPE.

Lionel Messi, in a restaurant in Barcelona together with Xavi and Busquets (Credit: Mundo Deportivo)

The place chosen by Xavi Hernández to start his anniversary was a Japanese restaurant in the upper part of the city of Barcelona and attended by Messi, Busquets and Jordi Alba along with their respective partners. In addition, there was “Pepe Costa, ex-employee of the club closely linked to the figure of Leo Messi”, indicated Sports world. “Would Leo make a good birthday present? It wouldn’t hurt you”, the press asked Xavi as he left the restaurant.

Lionel Messi took advantage of the stoppage in Ligue 1 and the rest that Mauricio Pochettino gave him. Last Sunday, La Pulga played the last half hour and provided assistance in the PSG beat Reims 4-0. It was the first meeting of the Argentine star so far this year, after he recovered from COVID-19, a disease he contracted during the year-end festivities in his native Rosario.

Messi’s game against Reims

“It is good that Messi has played 30 minutes. Little by little he recovers after COVID-19”, said DT Pochettino to ESPN after the match on date 22 of the French league. Messi was on the substitute bench and entered the 18th minute of the second half for the Argentine Ángel Di María at the Parc des Princes stadium in Paris. His entry boosted the attack of a PSG that during the first half had complications to reach the rival area. The Argentine star had not played for PSG for a month and a day after an interval due to vacations and the spread of coronavirus in Rosario.

For the latter, Lionel Scaloni, with the prior approval of Messi himself, decided not to summon him for the Qualifying matches against Chile, on January 27 in Calama, and against Colombia, on February 1 Córdoba, to continue with his physical recovery.


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