Ligue 2: winner of Grenoble (2-0), Paris FC will receive Sochaux in the play-offs

Paris FC players congratulate each other and go to their supporters to sing and dance with them. The young Loup-Diwan Gueho took the speaker’s microphone to launch the songs. For the 12th anniversary of the Old Clan (one of the two kops), the celebration and the communion were beautiful. Paris FC fulfilled its contract by beating Grenoble (2-0), who came to Charléty with 16 players, including two amateurs.

Thierry Laurey’s team finished 4th in Ligue 2, as in 2019, and will therefore have the advantage of receiving at home during the first play-off. Paris FC supporters will therefore return to Charléty on Tuesday May 17 (8:30 p.m.) against Sochaux (5th). With the hope of extending the adventure at least until Auxerre on Friday 20 May.

What you must remember

Paris FC took a little more than a half to break free. Torn between the obligation to win but also to preserve players for Tuesday, Thierry Laurey had chosen to align what can be considered as the typical team of the moment. The only surprise was the tenure of Ivan Filipovic in goal in place of Vincent Demarconnay, whom the staff of Paris FC decided to let breathe. It’s been a long time since Laurey was able to combine so many of his attacking players together.

Despite this ambitious system and many high recoveries, Paris FC did not really manage to pack the first period. However, there were a few situations such as Khalid Boutaïb’s header on the bar (30th) or the recovery of Alamami Gory stopped by Salles (34th). But also a blow in the run-up to Tuesday’s first play-off with the injury exit of Ousmane Camara (40th). Only solution on the bench in the absence of Ousmane Kanté (Achilles tendon rupture) and Axel Bamba (recovery), Loup-Diwan Gueho (17), 22 minutes of play (4th appearance) this season in L2.

But as soon as the resumption, Paris FC will finally take shelter in four minutes. Maxime Bernauer first scored the first goal of his career in L 2 with a beautiful diving header (1-0, 52nd). After an incredible miss from Gory one meter from the empty goal (54th), Julien Lopez took advantage of a recovery from Morgan Guilavogui to score his 5th goal of the season (2-0, 56th). The essential is done.

Laurey can manage his squad by bringing out Guilavogui, Boutaïb, under the threat of a card which would deprive them of the possible first match of the play-offs against the 18th in L 1, or Name voted best player of the season by the supporters. But the case of Boutaïb, who complained after a bad reception, nevertheless inspires some concern for Tuesday. He limped into the locker room without going to celebrate the victory with his teammates.

The player: Maxime Bernauer

Maxime Bernauer’s first goal in L 2 is crucial. He freed his team. Beyond that goal, Bernauer showed plenty of activity on his right side. Arrived from Le Mans (National) in July, the player trained in Rennes discovered the L 2 this season. A year of learning where he alternated between the position of right side and central defender. Even if he had some complicated performances, his balance sheet is ultimately rather positive.

The figure: 6,592

The attendance for this match against Grenoble, the best of the season at home in the league. Of course, this figure seems modest but it is already twice the usual average in Charléty. And the atmosphere is up a notch compared to previous matches. Against Sochaux on Tuesday, he should have even more people in the stands.

Thierry Laurey’s reaction

“We had to win, we did things seriously, without shaking. We finished 4th as we wanted. If we had to go to Sochaux, the environment would have been hostile with a full stadium. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be favourites. It will be a close match, 50-50. But we will still have to do a little more against Sochaux. If we want to go far in these play-offs, we have to do much better. We had to win, I put more forwards. But it wasn’t always balanced. We won in Amiens, we beat Grenoble. Little by little, we gain confidence. It will be the first play-offs of my coaching career. I did well to come to Paris FC (smile)…

I congratulate Olivier Pantaloni, the coach of AC Ajaccio. It’s wonderful for them. It was a really crazy season. With 70 points we finished 4th and Auxerre did not go up with 74 points… It’s incredible. We can be proud of our career and of having 70 points. But in the end, it doesn’t help us much since we have to go through this marathon. There are also concerns because we have two injuries. Camara is the buttocks, you have to see… But I’m a little more worried about Khalid (Boutaïb). His knee moved. »

Match sheet


Spectators: 6,592.

Referee: Mr. Bollengier.

Buts. Bernauer (52e), Lopez (56e).

Warnings. Grenoble: Caspar (20th), De Iriondi (77th)

Paris FC : Filipovic – Bernauer, Chergui, Camara (Gueho, 40th), Hanin – Name (Iglésias, 80th), Mandouki (cap.) – Guilavogui (Hadjam, 72nd), Lopez, Gory (Caddy, 80th) – Boutaïb (Alfarela, 72nd ). input : Laura.

Grenoble : Salles – Gaspar, Nestor (cap.), Tchaptchet, Gersbach (Abdallah, 46e) – Bambock, Cissé – Sanyang, Ravet, (De Iriondo, 56e) Correa (Belkheir, 72e) – Anani. Entr. : Hognon.

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