Let Me Solo Her streamt 1000ste Malenia Kill

Let Me Solo Her, the legendary hero from Elden Ring, has defeated Malenia 1,000 times. The hero shared this in a live stream on YouTube.

There are multiple strategies emerged to defeat Maleniabut none works as well as summoning Let Me Solo Her.

The now legendary player was first spotted in April. His character only wore a pot on his head and used two Katanas. He called on players to stay away from the boss and then defeated Malenia on his own.

In a two and a half hour stream Let Me Solo Her starts with 981 Melania kills. Slowly he creeps into the stream towards the goal of 1,000 kills.

When he reached 1000 a message appeared in the stream. “Thank you for all the support. I couldn’t be here without you,” the message read. Poetically, Let Me Solo kicks off Her New Game Plus and returns to The Lands Between. As you’d expect, Let Me Solo Her says he’ll be trying to return to an even harder version of Malenia soon.

During a short break at a Site of Grace, Let Me Solo told Her that he has been recognized by Bandai Namco and they have sent him a special gift. He just didn’t know exactly what this present was going to be.

We don’t know yet if the legendary player will continue in his fight against Malenia. The player also earns a well-deserved vacation by now. His character is happy a mod on the PC version immortalized in the game.

Elden Ring has been a huge success since it came out in February. The game is a true cultural phenomenon and players are finding crazier ways to play the game. Someone even got the game with played a Fisher Price controller.

There was also a player who defeated bosses with a Nintendo Switch Ring Fit controllerwhile others defeated the game without doing or taking damage.

In our review of the game, law called it “an outstanding evolution of the Souls genre.”

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