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Less passengers keep on the mask of duty: mask muffles fines – districts make print – Berlin


Just 70 percent of the Berlin bear in the Bus and U-Bahn a mask or something similar. The BVG announced on Thursday on the daily mirror inquiry. Because the desire for the protection decreases, and to become the duty of the Hobby threatens, debated in the Senate for days on more controls and fines for mask muffle, especially top representatives of the Greens, but also the Left, however, were so far against it.

Now, however, opposition from Berlin are masters of district citizens. They push for more controls and fines. In particular, the two green mayor of Mitte and Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, against their own party leadership, calling for more speed.

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg green district mayor Monika Herrmann told the daily mirror: “It is crazy that we impose the mask of duty in Berlin, because we can’t control it.“ It therefore calls for a fine for mask muffle, and says: “Would that not be authoritarian, but responsible.“ Herrmann criticized the Senate for his Procrastination in this matter: “The Infection rising at the Moment, again, the Senate must finally come in the pots.”

Using the mayor, Stephan von Dassel told the daily mirror: “the freedom of The Individual ends where it jeopardizes the liberty and health of many others.” Berlin had to enforce the mask of duty, therefore, consistently. “The former dealing with the fine catalogue, in particular the delayed reaction to the decision by the country’s constitutional court, were not a glorious sight,” said Dassel. A second Shutdown would have to be urgently prevented.

Also neukölln district mayor Martin Hikel (SPD) reported on Thursday: “in theThe mask duty without sanction of scenery to take many obviously non-serious“, he told the daily mirror. The Situation should not be taken “lightly”.

He joined the call for fines. Hikels district of Neukölln is particularly affected by the Coronavirusnowhere else are there so many infections per capita. Currently there are several houses completely under quarantine.

Green could give in yet

Also, the resistance in the faction seems to be therefore, and to crumble the country top of the Green. The Green set, although, in principle, to access and solidarity of the Berlin, masks in public TRANSPORT, retail and Restaurants. But you would not ignore a fine, if the question is clarified, who controls the implementation of the mask duty.

“Fines are a variant. You stand and fall with the control question“said Green parliamentary group boss, Silke Gebel, after the criticism of the mayor was coming up on Thursday.


Passengers without masks in buses or cars should not be allowed in. “This is also a Form of sanction. In the Bus and in taxis that will be handled now. Crucial to the enforcement of the already existing mask is mandatory,“ said Gebel to the daily mirror. Focus controls, and a “direct response” were necessary, thus, the mask duty is also “really taken seriously”.

Economy Senator Ramon Pop (Green) said: “We are advised in the Senate, the mask duty fully, and also in public TRANSPORT to enforce – if necessary with penalties.”

Next Tuesday will again be debated

The BVG is a starts as reported on the website from next week Awareness campaign with stickers on the doors of buses and trainsthe mask duty. BVG spokeswoman Petra clove said, currently, around 300 security officers and inspectors every day in buses and cars on the roadthat would ask the passengers to wear masks. The Senate should impose a fine would have to be of the order of the authorities of this.

The party leader of the Left, Katina Schubert, proposes that the Mask obligation in the General conditions of carriage of the BVG and the track record. “The BVG has had a hand, to refuse the passengers transportation. We don’t want the police running around in droves and mask objectors find,“ said Schubert of the daily mirror. “Fine, we don’t think is the right way.”

[Mehr zum Thema: Der Senat streitet schon viel zu lange darüber, wie die Maskenpflicht in Bus und Bahn durchgesetzt werden soll. Jetzt ist Zeit zu handeln. Ein Kommentar.]

The Berlin traffic management points to the existing mask duty. “This is for the protection against infection is extremely important. If less people keep in mind as a beginning, we must the need to have a mouth, nose and to wear protection, again make it very clear,“ said spokesman Jan Thomsen.

Further measures will be discussed in the Senate, he said on the question of fines.

The speaker of the interior administration, Martin Pallgen, said the Police will control, with a focus on controls, a mask of duty, “and to enforce”, it should say of the Senate for a fine. On Tuesday, the Senate will discuss relaxations of contact constraints, and a penalty for the mask duty. The SPD is then closed, the Left rejects a mask obligation to continue.



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