Komarovsky named two “most important words” during the COVID-19 epidemic, both beginning with “v”

“Vaccination in general of all methods is the most reliable [защита]… You have two global methods of prevention – vaccination and ventilation of premises. Everything. Or be where there is the greatest possible air exchange. Vaccination and ventilation are the two most important words today, “he said.

Medic stressedthat vaccination does not guarantee that a person will not get sick, but it does reduce the risk of being admitted to intensive care.

“The older the person, the safer the vaccine … If you have any disease, you need to run away and get vaccinated. The presence of related diseases is the reason to get vaccinated. Because these diseases make the coronavirus infection deadly for you,” Komarovsky explained.


The fourth wave of COVID-19 in Ukraine started earlier than predicted, said the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko on October 11.

As of October 17, more than 2.6 million cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Ukraine, 60 633 patients with COVID-19 have died, almost 2.33 million people have recovered.

Vaccination in the country started on February 24… From July 21 the fifth stage of vaccination has begun: Anyone over the age of 18 can get vaccinated.

Since the start of the immunization campaign in Ukraine received 14.3 million vaccinations… 7.9 million people received one dose of the vaccine, and 6.4 million are fully vaccinated.


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