Know the meaning of the initial of your name

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Name that our parents put us or by which we were registered, has one meaning more in the spiritual, which makes you a more powerful and special person. Do you want to discover which one is yours?

Many times we have questioned why they chose that name for us, where it came from and why they thought it was the ideal name for you.

But you have to know that that name keeps special secrets and unique details; It is said that it is our soul that chooses what we will call ourselves before we are born.

Your name was given to you according to the qualities and virtues that make you unique.

Our name can have several meanings, however, in the initial of our name you can find a more spiritual meaning, which speaks about your personality.

That is why the team In the hour bring this note to you and know what characterizes you according to your initial.

What does the initial of your name mean?

  • A: With initiative
  • B: Seer
  • C: Communicator
  • D: Master
  • E: Nomad
  • F: animal lover
  • G: Healer
  • H: Pacifist
  • I: Sabio
  • J: ancient soul
  • K: Multiplier
  • Entrepreneur
  • M: Servicial
  • N: different
  • O: Resilient
  • Q: Messenger
  • A: Guide
  • S: Referente
  • T: strong
  • u: cute
  • V: Cheerful
  • W: Pillar of Light
  • X: Free
  • Y: sensitive
  • Z: Clairvoyant

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