World Kim Yo-jong leads the verbal attack against the "scum"...

Kim Yo-jong leads the verbal attack against the “scum” of South Korea


Escalation-verbal, has a sister, and, increasingly, the putative successor of north Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong, the lead in for the personal attacks on the president, Moon Jae-in.

The war in verbal, is rising in tone between Pyongyang and Seoul, south korea, from the North to the broadcast image, andxplosão of the organising committee reserves the right intercoreano to open in 2018 at the earliest, in the context of alignment between Governor and the sister of the leader of north korea, to attack the person of the president of south korea. A war in which they have taken part in the Kim Jong-un, whose health has been called into question.

The picture shows the the building in Kaesong, just across the border, to blow up, as in the proof of the power of the people to force the dregs of the human, and those who have given coverage to pay very dearly for their crimes,”. The reference is to the dissenters, and the north koreans come to South Korea, which has launched a propaganda of anti-Pyongyang balloons over the border.

In the comments of the north Korean people, Seoul is classified as “stray dog,” and “that boasts and bluffs, giving rise to the partner in the dialogue, and nurturing an atmosphere of confrontation”. However, South Korea has already resulted in legislation in order to punish the flyers, and tried to stem the rise of the voltage is started by the leader, Kim Yo-jong, enhancing surveillance, and the increasingly ever-present brother of Jong-un. And it was she who was responsible the attack the more fierce, because it is directed: accused the chair of the South, and Moon Jae-in, to allow oneself to be caught in the servile pro-american”.

“Rude,” and “devoid of meaning”reacted with the chair of the South, which has seen the ministry of unification, Kim Yeon-chul, offering to resign to take responsibility for the escalation of tensions. Seoul has offered to set up a dialogue, but Pyongyang has rejected. “It’s a lack of the sense of touch with the accident,” said Kim Yo-jung, as cited in the kcna over. “It’s a ploy that no longer works.

the threat OF a MILITARY

There is some name-calling, Pyongyang has warned it would send troops to the borderthat would defeat the land of the timid achievements from the cooperation between Moon and Kim, at the beginning of 2018, which would pave the way for the summit with the president of the united states, shortly after that, and the statement intercoreana of Panmunjom. One of them was to avoid the conflict in the demilitarized zone that follows the boundary from the end of the Korean war of 1950-53. The approach of the joint military exercises and the U.S.-Seoul’s leave fear of the worst.



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