Kharlamov called Maslyakov a villain-grandfather

The showman has often been teasing the host of KVN lately.

Alexander Maslyakov. Photo:

Showman Garik Kharlamov joked on the host of KVN Alexander Maslyakov at the “Awesome Show”. On the project, the conversation turned to the South Korean web series “The Squid Game”.

Garik Kharlamov
Garik Kharlamov. Photo:

“Which of you figured out grandfather? Grandfather embarrassed me right away, ”said the guest of the show, actor Yuri Stoyanov, speaking about one of the heroes of the series.

“I have one question, how did he climb when the mahach started at night to the very top. I immediately thought that they were Koreans, ”musician Ivan Abramov, another guest of the project, said to this.

“I still have these parallels. The grandpa villain who closed the Game.

Garik Kharlamov

Recall that the show “Game” was suspended on the channel TNT. According to one version, the format was very similar to KVN. Rumor has it that Alexander Maslyakov achieved the closure of the project, which could compete with his offspring.

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