Health Ketamine can literally turn off the brain

Ketamine can literally turn off the brain


by Denis Hadzovic | June 16, 2020

The scientists from the university of Cambridge have been administered in doses of ketamine to sheep in the framework of research on Huntington disease. They then realized that a large dose of ketamine could completely shut down the brain activity, reported Reverse Tuesday, June 16.

In their study, published in the journal Scientific Reportsthe researchers injected high doses of ketamine, a psychotropic substance used traditionally as an anaesthetic for horses, or for party-goers to the extreme. Arrived at a certain stage of the study, the data collected by the electroencephalogram showed results very surprising (and creepy).

Credit : Scientific Reports

In fact, they have shown that the brain activity of sheep was completely extinct, instantly. An event that has never been observed before and which according to the researchers, lasted a few minutes before their brain to come back to work.


This was not just a reduction of the activity of the brain. After the large dose of ketamine, the brains of these sheep are completely arrested. We’ve never seen it before , “says Jenny Morton, a neurobiologist at the university of Cambridge. Despite his sudden stop, the brain is not” neither dead nor damaged “according to Morton. The proof of this is that it went on as before after the climb.

These discoveries show that scientists still have much to learn on the functioning of the brain and on the effects of the ketamine, used since the 1960s on animals and on human beings. Lately, it has shown promising results in the treatment of depression or migraine headaches.

Source : Reverse



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