Katarina Flatland: – Admits: – Crying every time

Katarina Flatland has followed in her father’s TV footsteps and already at the age of 32 she has directed a number of major television programs. Among other things, “The hunt for love”, “Idol” and “Summer time”.

But this is not the only career path Flatland has chosen to go. For several years she has been working to train to become a doctor.

In a new Instagram post, the TV profile now says that she is nearing the end of her education – which she has actually been doing for twelve years.

In addition to his TV career and studies, Flatland also has the podcast “Open Journal” husbands Harald Meling Dobloug (32). There she now opens up further about the study spur and the internship period she is in.

– Crying every time

– I have started in practice this month. I am in practice in gynecology and obstetrics at Rikshospitalet, and it has been absolutely fantastic, says Katarina Flatland to her husband, in the couple’s latest podcast episode.

DOCTOR: Katarina Flatland will soon finish her medical studies.  Here she with her husband, Harald Meling Dobloug, who is a doctor.  Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear.

DOCTOR: Katarina Flatland will soon finish her medical studies. Here she with her husband, Harald Meling Dobloug, who is a doctor. Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear.
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Furthermore, Flatland says that she has been there for a week, and that she will continue for another three weeks. At the same time, the medical student states that she now feels that she has found the specialty she could imagine working with.

– Because women and children are very exciting. They can have most of the diseases. At the same time as you get the surgical piece when you operate on babies – through caesarean section – or by having births, Flatland explains why she thinks this is the right specialty for her.

INFLUENCES: Katarina Flatland is both a presenter, podcaster and doctor, but she left blogging on the shelf. Reporter: Anniken Aronsen. Video: Thea Hope / Red Carpet
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At the same time, Flatland reveals that she has been involved in many births in the last week, something she enjoys.

– And what do I do? I cry every time a baby comes. It’s very nice, the first scream that comes, and then the slightly scary silence where the child has come out before it has started to cry. Then it gets very emotional, then, an outspoken Katarina Flatland tells the listeners.

When Dagbladet contacts Katarina Flatland, it does not take long before she confirms that the tears are rolling in the cabin and weather in the practice she now has – and that something has changed since she became a mother herself.

– I was touched by births before I became a mother myself, but now I’m in a different league. Now I cry for every baby that comes, and I can not control it, to be completely honest.

OPENLY: Katarina Flatland and Harald Dobloug share clips from the delivery room in the latest episode of the podcast «Open journal». Video: Red Carpet
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The way forward

– After twelve years you are finished immediately, how does it feel?

– That feeling can hardly be described, but it is with a mixture of horror and joy that I enter the last six months, because there is a good deal of work left, the medical student tells Dagbladet.

She is really looking forward to finishing after all these years, and mentions the reason why it has taken so much time: She has had many leave and breaks to do other things.

- I cried so badly

– I cried so badly

Katarina Flatland has not nailed down a plan for the way forward, but one thing she is sure of:

– In the first instance, I will celebrate that I am done, she says and follows up:

– According to the plan, I will not take turns now at first, I will rather try to combine the doctor’s life with hopefully making some doctor’s TV.

Flatland threatens that there is something to play on there, and mentions that in these times one is more concerned with health and body than ever. What will be demanding is to do it in an entertaining way, she believes.

What Katarina Flatland will do in the long run with her medical education, she is still not entirely sure – time will tell.

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Cheers in the comments field

– You get a lot of praise and cheers in the comments section below your post – what do you think about it?

– I think it’s wonderfully nice, and then I think I need it a little now. Because I think it is demanding to combine work, studies and children. It is a study where people are innmari good, so I know not to stretch completely, says Flatland before she quickly adds:

– It means a lot, but the fall height will also be very large as well.

She elaborates by saying that she has occasionally thought that it might have been better not to tell “the whole world” that she will soon be finished.

CELEBRATION: Katarina Flatland hopes her husband will be ready with the champagne bottle when she's done.  Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear.

CELEBRATION: Katarina Flatland hopes her husband will be ready with the champagne bottle when she’s done. Photo: Andreas Fadum / See and Hear.
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This is how the celebration will be

Katarina Flatland herself has been clear that she will first and foremost have a proper celebration when she is finished, but exactly how this will be, she does not know yet.

At the same time, the TV profile can reveal that she has thought about the case.

– I do a bit like top athletes do. I visualize while reading, as a kind of motivation, she says and elaborates:

– Top athletes may visualize the race and that they are standing there on the podium, so now I see in my mind that I have an oral exam at Rikshospitalet and that when I come out of there the whole family is ready with champagne and everything. It is that vision there, that creates motivation for me right now.

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