Kamen Vodenicharov: At low activity the favorite “bites the tree”

Kamen Vodenicharov

The surprises for the day will not end. In case of low voter turnout, the person previously mentioned as a favorite “bites the tree”. This is what the actor Kamen Vodenicharov told NOVA.

With him in the studio was his colleague Dimitar Tudjarov-Shkumbata, who when asked if he had voted, replied: “Yes, and a long time ago. Early chicken sings early and is cooked early the next day.”

He added: “I want elections in a month to hear how much better life will be in Bulgaria in the future. Politicians do not speak the language of the people, but a foreign language, using memorized phrases. Elections were held here three times, while on the chessboard is lined up by those who are comfortable. 1.6 million Bulgarians are below the poverty line. These people would have gone to the polls if anyone had mentioned them at all. “

Until recently, the two colleagues were in Zurich, and Shkumbata said on the subject: “If we want to be Switzerland in the Balkans, we must become like them. There are referendums there, even if you cheat on your wife in the morning. In general, you ask everyone.”

And Kamen Vodenicharov replied: “This can happen in a society built on the basis of mutual assistance, support, compliance with the thoughts of other citizens, etc. This is a model built over a century.”

“We have now become concentrated in ourselves and in our Facebook friendships, we have become screaming nasty haters who want to erase and destroy anyone who thinks differently from what they wrote in the post on their wall,” he added.

Shkumbata pointed out: “I have always refused to be involved in politics and I have always said that it is the dirtiest thing, but it must be cleaned up in the end. A decision can be made in the end for the next elections.”


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