Jungle camp 2022: Filip Pavlovic in panic – “I’m so scared”

Muscle man Filip Pavlovic experienced a moment of fear in South Africa before participating in the RTL jungle camp.

Filip Pavlovic scared! The RTL jungle camp candidate experienced a moment just before the start of the show that made his blood run cold.

Even daredevils like him shake their knees! Filip Pavlovic (28) will move into the RTL jungle camp in a few days. His mission: to be crowned king – and let nothing and nobody stop him.

But the muscle man from Hamburg also pees his pants. An encounter in the African wilderness has now scared him quite a bit.

Jungle Camp (RTL): Filip Pavlovic – “I’m so scared”

The candidates are well aware that the jungle camp will not be a bed of roses. For the first time this year, the show will take place in Australia in South Africa – and there are completely different dangers lurking for the celebrities.

Pavlovic has already had his first experience of this. On Instagram he posted a short clip from a trip to the bush. And then suddenly a huge lion appeared in front of the 28-year-old.

Jungle camp: Filip Pavlovic panics after encountering wild animals

Bushy mane, huge paws and sharp teeth – this is how the “king of the beasts” sneaks around Pavlovic’ vehicle. “My God, I’m so scared,” whispers the RTL candidate. Shortly afterwards, on the drive home in the SUV, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and takes a deep breath.

Filip Pavlovic has long been officially a participant of the show. Because he had secured the golden ticket in the replacement program in January 2021 and thus ensured his participation himself.

In addition to him, Lucas Cordalis, Harald Glööckler, Jasmin Herren and Tina Ruhland can also be seen on the show, it starts on January 21, 2022. (sku)

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