Jokowi’s Restlessness Cases of COVID-19 RI Begins to Climb Again!


Case COVID-19 In some areas of Indonesia, President Joko Widodo has asked regional heads to exercise caution in relaxation. Although the increase in cases is not too significant, Jokowi emphasized that this still needs to be a major concern.

“The slightest increase, you have to be careful, 3 weeks ago North Maluku, but it has been sloping, so please watch out for this. Then two weeks ago, West Papua, West Sulawesi and also North Sulawesi have started to slope, but this is also please be careful- heart,” he said at a press conference on Tuesday (10/26/2021).

Case increase Corona In the last few weeks, what Jokowi said was also seen in the provinces of Gorontalo, West Kalimantan, to Southeast Sulawesi.

“It starts to crawl up a little, but anything even though it’s small, you have to watch out for it. This means that the increase is there, even though it’s small,” he explained.

Therefore, Jokowi asked for strict control or supervision in the opening of a number of sectors by screening the PeduliLindung application. Moreover, when the increase in Corona cases occurred in 105 districts and cities.

Jokowi ordered tourist attractions and markets to maximize the use of the PeduliLindung application, in order to reduce the risk of increasing transmission of COVID-19 cases.

“I ask the Governor, the Kapolda, to remind the Regent, Mayor, Kapolres and also the Dandim to continue to increase vigilance, strengthen testing and tracing and also test who really have close contact with whom,” he continued.

“Then there are also 105 regencies/cities in 30 provinces whose positive cases have increased, although once again a few but still this must be watched out for. I want to remind all of us to maximize the use of the platform CareProtect mainly in malls, tourist spots, then in markets,” he concluded.

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