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Jean-Pierre Pernaut cracks and swings on TF1, he compares some French people to a flock of sheep


And another thunderclap! Jean-Pierre Pernaut continues his momentum and has not lost his verve when it comes to shooting live bullets.

The journalist of TF1 remains on the contrary faithful to his reputation and got carried away again as regards this time not the French Government, but the citizens themselves who do not respect the measures of social distancing imposed by the state.

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French people love his words

If we use the words ” rant “To speak of Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s very clear positions, he prefers to speak of” ascertainment« . According to him, it is the job of a journalist to observe and denounce.

It will not be proven wrong, especially when its positions are also followed and adored by viewers. He finds himself on trend on Twitter as soon as he expresses his dissatisfaction and Internet users congratulate a franchise that has become very rare nowadays, especially on television.

We remember his position during confinement, him who did not understand the management of it by the state when he had gone out and that he had been able to observe many people outside who were not worried by the slightest control. With an audience of several million people every day, he had made known the essence of his thought.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, shocked: he learns the death of a friend because of the coronavirus
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Jean-Pierre Pernaut: favorite personality of the French

His outspokenness pleases in any case enormouslyt to those who follow its television news every day since according to the survey made by TV Magazine, he is the favorite personality of the French, ahead of Stéphane Bern or even Nagui.

If some netizens have cried scandal, trying to tarnish the image of the presenter with old stories of alleged racism (stories which, as a reminder, have never been proven), most are happy with such a result, which proves the popularity of a journalist present on the air for several decades.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, back on TF1!
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The new thunderclap by Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Jean-Pierre Pernaut is attacking this time French citizens who decided to massively celebrate the music festival, gathering in number on Sunday June 21. Some videos on Twitter had already shocked internet users, especially those taking place in Paris in which hundreds of people were agglutinated, as if COVID-19 was nothing more than a painful memory, and not a current reality.

While concluding his television news with videos of flocks of sheep, Jean-Pierre Pernaut continued with the following sentence: When we see them all together, it reminds a little the crowds of the music festival. But for real sheep, there is no risk of an epidemic ”.

Simple but effective, this tackle has not gone unnoticed and once again shows that the presenter is not afraid to say what he thinks, and even takes the risk of directly attacking his audience.

Music Festival: an inconsistency in the middle of the post-COVID period

Difficult not to agree with the presenter as some videos that run on social networks are shocking. If the music festival has not been canceled, it was just like since no concert was planned in town, groups of people over ten being prohibited.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut
Source: Instagram capture @pernautjp

However, that did not stop some citizens from wanting to party and get together to listen to music and celebrate this very important moment for them. Sometimes there were hundreds in the same place. What seemed normal before is no longer so now, since the coronavirus is still circulating in the territory, and this kind of gathering only makes its spread easier.

If we are certainly confused, the government has made it clear that our lives will no longer be the same – and will not be the same right away. Our responsibility to protect the weakest is to respect barrier gestures, not to crowd people. Jean-Pierre Pernaut’s anger is therefore in no way surprising.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut fascinates the French

You are now used to the cult phrases of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. The latter stands out in particular thanks to its frankness which continues to please some French people. It should be noted that comments on the Internet are rife and it is then necessary to follow the daily news to find out if Nathalie Marquay’s husband will again be on trend on Twitter.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut tends to share his opinions without however exceeding the limits. Indeed, the presenter has always had small spikes during his television news, this is also why the French tend to appreciate it. When he was excluded from the presentation during confinement in order to preserve his health, some French people quickly had serious concerns, particularly as to whether he had been affected by the coronavirus. The reality was totally different, because the presenter was the target of cancer a few months ago, so he was a person at risk.

TF1 had decided to preserve it and it offered daily 1 pm news at home, of course keeping its personality. He is quite familiar with atypical content that you may not be able to discover in other newspapers. This was notably the subject of an imitation of his son Tom Pernaut during an interview.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut will therefore be in the spotlight in his next news and internet users are always on the lookout for this little spike that could enthuse them. You should know that the television news is the most important meeting for the French. They can thus obtain information in France and in the world, but the husband of Nathalie Marquay and the father of Tom as well as Lou Pernaut however has a small specialty. He tends to offer reports on numerous occasions in order to discover the terroir, the local know-how and it is always pleasant to dive into the heart of the villages.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut has decided to let go with its 13 hour news on TF1. He came back on the air a few weeks ago and he now seems ready to recover. The tackle this time concerns the Fête de la Musique since it clearly compared the French, those who participated in this meeting with flocks of sheep. The sequence was quickly relayed on social networks, if some love it, others hate it.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut, the Music Festival and the sheep

You have no doubt already seen the images of the crowds during the Fête de la Musique since some people decided to mass themselves despite the barrier gestures and especially the social distancing. You must leave a minimum of one meter between you and the others, but this weekend, it was not the case. Tackle arrived at the start of the week and we are now used to it since Jean-Pierre Pernaut has largely shared his wishes, his favorites and especially his dissatisfaction during confinement.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut learns of the death of a former colleague
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  • June 22 was therefore a rather special day for Jean-Pierre Pernaut since he specifies that the crowd is like a flock of sheep.
  • He closes his 13 hour news with a short sentence that quickly goes around the web since this time he reveals real sheep.
  • It was enough for the sequence to be found on the micro-blogging site or in Twitter trends.

We’re going to leave each other, come on, seeing some pictures of this wonderful transhumance of sheep at Mont Lozère. When we see them like that all together, it kinda reminds of the crowds of the music festival. But for real sheep, there is no risk of an epidemic.

This is hard, but if you know the character, you will clearly not be surprised by his words.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut makes revelations before his return to the news
Source : capture Twitter

Does Jean-Pierre Pernaut have any more limits?

For the past few weeks, he has been making the headlines of celebrity media, whether for his participation in television games, his children or his thunderclaps which are now legendary. Internet users are asking for more, because ultimately the news of this presenter on TF1 at 1 p.m. is completely different and it is perhaps for this reason that the audiences are so strong and he was even elected the favorite personality of the French. As a result, this story of sheep and herds when evoking the Music Festival is easily found in all the press since the comments are also very numerous.

Nathalie and Jean-Pierre
Source: Instagram capture @nathalie_marquay_pernaut

For some internet users, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has totally cracked for a few weeks, because according to the followers of the TF1 news, he is now shooting at everything that moves and he does not hesitate to share what he thinks. In reality, if you have been a follower of his journal since its inception, you know that Jean-Pierre Pernaut often shares his opinion while remaining in his place of course, that puts a little spice in this presentation which turns out to be a lot less smooth than other JT. In any case, for Jean-Pierre Pernaut, either we like or we don’t like, but he generally leaves no one indifferent. The French often watch his television news hoping that a small spade will be there.


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