Javier Robas, the author of a series of personal growth books

In order to achieve greater prosperity in all areas of life, achieving personal growth is a task that every individual must consider on a daily basis. To achieve this objective, a series of techniques and skills are necessary that can only be instructed by a mentor with experience and knowledge in the field of human development. Javier Robas, recognized author of different personal growth books, is a mentor who has been trained through courses in NLP, meditation, Reiki, Mindfulness and other tools to transform your life and that of other people who have the same desire in mind.

How can Javier Robas’ books help you achieve personal growth?

Javier Robas considers that those who master their energy can master their own world and after achieving this, they get a better relationship with the outside world. It is for this reason that one of his first books is about how his readers can work their energy body to achieve balance and harmony in their life that allows them to grow more as an individual. However, this is just one of the 7 personal growth books Robas that focus on self-help and the development of a more productive, happy and prosperous life. These books are “Master your energy”, “Touch the sky”, “Spirituality, the art of being happy”, “Creators of prosperity”, “Creative minds” and “Create and undertake”. Each of them encompasses a saga of literary works focused on seeking that their readers can improve each area of ​​their life and cope with difficult situations that happen both on the outside and inside of your mind.

Why are this author’s books effective for personal growth?

In his first 30 years of life, Javier Robas had already managed to invoice more than € 1 million with his own business, but he was constantly addressed by stress and lack of personal fulfillment. This caused Javier to end up financially bankrupt, which led him to make the decision to practice meditation and autoreiki daily. As a result, the entrepreneur achieved excellent results and ended up training with the best teachers in the world in the different areas of human, emotional and spiritual development. Javier has recorded in his personal growth books all his knowledge and experiences acquired in the different courses he took. With these, readers will achieve professional success and in their relationships with the outside world, starting with heal, grow and improve the inside of your mind and emotional state.


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