Jarošov Brewery ‘will stand on’. The Czech company defended the legendary brand against the giant Heineken | Companies and markets

Uherské Hradiště “He has been standing there for years, he will continue to stand, the one who knows Jarošov knows the brewery,” has been sung since 1994 in the hit of the band Argema. And everyone knows the refrain “white foam, dewy bottle”. The rock group did an advertisement for the Jarošov brewery on the outskirts of Uherské Hradiště, which other brewers only dream of. However, there was not much missing and the brand would disappear.


The neighboring craft brewery fought a trademark and court battle with the multinational Heineken Group for four years over the terms “Jarošovské” or “Jarošovský”. And in February this year, he definitely defended the name of the local brand.

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