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Iván Déniz: “we are Still assimilating this triumph” | Radio Club Tenerife | Today


It is now more than a decade that Ivan Déniz (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1973) went to train at other latitudes in search of success. After his experiences in the peninsula within clubs of LEB and a season in the Tenerife Basketball, the technical tenerife has been settling in Mexico where he just reaching their fourth league title of that country. “It has been a season in which there has not been a clear favorite and that has been very difficult to win a visitor. What we did in the quarter finals to the Panthers of Hot Waters and on the seventh at home to Michoacán for in the grand final to be able to bend to Force Regia of Monterrey so as to obtain the fourth star of champions for the club”, he explained Déniz to the String BE non-stop to qualify what a lot of that has been hard to achieve this championship because “there is much merit in what we have done with a team of completely young but the hobby has turned to us with a great atmosphere in our stadium that has been fundamental to be able to get the championship,” he said.

Inside the equipment that it has directed there are players of quality even though the tínerfeño has highlighted that it has been proclaimed MVP and that belongs to his team: “There is a player of reference in our championship, which is our captain and that has become a fixture in this team as is Luke Martinez, who in my opinion has the quality to be able to make the jump to any league of quality as it can be the ACB,” said the coach of the team champion.

Are many years that takes you far away from your land, and it is logical that Déniz has the desire to be able to find an option to return to the old continent: “After all this, I acknowledge that I have a lot of enthusiasm to return to Europe to train because it is the cradle of where I come from and I have hope in being able to return to train there if it is possible, but we will continue to work here and eager to although I am convinced that he will get the opportunity to be back closer to my home,” he said.


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