“It’s a surprise. Putin is much worse than we imagined. ” The Navalny team publishes photos of Putin’s Castle

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Russia’s opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s team released hundreds of photos on Thursday showing the interiors of a Black Sea coastal residence called President Vladimir Putin’s palace.

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The photos were published just a year after the most famous study by the Navalny team about the future castle near Gelendzhik was unveiled.

In the film about the castle, which was viewed more than 100 million times on the video-sharing site YouTube, the interiors of the building were shown in the form of 3D visualizations.

The photos now published, according to the Navalny team, are “received from the building”.


The researchers compared the photos to their 3D visualizations, which were created from drawings, as well as catalogs of materials and furniture, and concluded that they largely coincide with the real interiors of the building.

“It’s a surprise. Putin is much worse than we imagined. If you thought we were exaggerating the interiors in the movie, you were very wrong. Life, as it used to be, exceeded all our expectations, ”says the Navalny team.

Comparing the 3D visualizations with the real photos, it can be concluded that the people of Navalny were quite accurate in their guesses about the appearance of the castle, the inner courtyard, fountains, galleries and balconies.

The space outside the castle, which the Navalny team had the idea that it was a conservatory, is actually a restaurant complex with a terrace.

Navalni published a study on Putin’s castle last January.

The online publication Mash and the Rossiya 1 TV channel then broadcast stories claiming to be an apartment hotel.


At the end of January last year, oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, who was close to Putin, announced that he owned the building and called it a hotel.

According to the Navalny team, the owners of the buildings and plots of land have not changed during the year.

Putin himself answered questions about the castle that neither he nor his relatives owned the building. He also replied that he had not watched the Navalny team’s film, but had only seen videos made by his subordinates.


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