Is the monkey a musician?

Does the monkey have beat in its blood?

Everything the monkey needs for his beats is with him – and he will take it to the #MaskedDancer stage. For this reason, the fans of the ProSieben app are sure that the monkey is an all-rounder – an actor, singer and presenter.

It is Oliver Petszokat who, according to the fans, has as much rhythm in his blood as the monkey. The 43-year-old knows how to sing and could prove on “The Masked Dancer” that he can also dance.

Could a YouTuber also be behind the mask?

In addition to musicians such as Oli P., Mark Forster, Bürger Lars Dietrich and Luca Hänni, fans also suspect YouTuber Julien Bam behind the monkey. For his career as an influencer, the 33-year-old ran a dance school and therefore has what it takes for “The Masked Dancer”. Could he be behind the monkey’s cool moves?

who is the monkey Top 5 fans:

  1. Oli P .: 51.43%
  2. Julien Bam: 11.68%
  3. Mark Forster: 9,37 %
  4. Citizen Lars Dietrich: 6.56%
  5. Luca Hänni: 2%

Stand: January 20, 2022

Did the voice decoder give him away?

“Not many people can move like that!”, states Alexander Klaws. That’s why he sticks to his long-term tip Oli P.. He also noticed the term “game over” in the circumstantial clip. That’s why he throws a new name into the room: Kostja Ullmann. The actor once starred in a short film called Game Over.

Annemarie Carpendale also bets on Oli P. At the latest after using the voice decoder, the guessing team is relatively sure that it is him.

One of the four live shows of “The Masked Dancer” reveals who the monkey really is. From January 6, 2022, the show will be broadcast on ProSieben and Joyn every Thursday at 8:15 p.m.

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