Is Jayson Tatum a decisive player in clutch moments?

Jayson Tatum is one of the most special players of the NBA. A talent like few in the league, a superstar who has offensive qualities available to very few in the league. His presence in the schemes of Ime Udoka has the same relevance as in the era of Brad Stevens, when all the important balls passed through his hands.

One of the characteristics it is showing Boston Celtics in this new and important season, he responds to the team’s ease of reaching the end of very even matches. Maximum tension and many possibilities that the party falls from one side or the other.

The question is this: what is Jayson Tatum’s performance when it comes to these hot moments of the game? When the clutch kicks in, when the buzzer-beater approaches …

The crude reality

The truth to be said is that Jayson Tatum is clearly behind Jaylen Brown in these important moments. The presence of the American forward declines, he fails to score points and his statistics are quite bad.

Jayson Tatum has played 37 minutes in moments of clutch, the most so far this season in the NBA. And their numbers, so far, are these:

– Seven out of 25 field goals achieved, sealing a very poor 28% accuracy rate.

– One of nine triples achieved, leaving just over 11% correct.

– Three assists.

– Four turnovers.

At the moment, although the feeling is that Jayson Tatum is a very reliable player for the clutch moment, the reality is that his statistics do not support the feeling. A long-term problem or something only one-off?


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