Is everything different? The mysterious fog of Písařovicová and Brzobohatý

“I found out recently. Even the fact that their relationship has lasted for about half a year and began during our marriage. What can I say? ” she didn’t hold on Kuchařová shortly after the relationship Scribes a Brzobohatého began speak. “It was shocking that after eight years of trusting someone, loving someone with their darker sides, suddenly such a turning point will come.” she added in Showtime.

Both Brzobohatý and Písařovicová seemed to have only preserved the decor and let the whole anthem of Kuchařová be noisy. The strange thing is that he stays back even when it’s nothing. They have not yet officially confirmed their relationship and are successfully avoiding any intimate issues. They even make sure they are not seen together. They made an exception only when they came to the secret celebration Petra Jandy (80), where there was a pleiad of their friends and they were not outside their comfort zone.

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Dana Gregorová (69) also avoids comments about Písařovicová, which is a big surprise for many. It is Ondřej’s mother who plays the role of the dreaded executioner and will not leave the thread dry on any of his acquaintances.

The fans are confused and there are also rumors that the relationship between Písařovicová and Brzobohatý is one big lie. After all, many do not even come to each other visually. As the Slovak website plus7dni wrote on the server, some unwilling people did not forgive the comments about Daniela’s height, because according to them she looks more like Ondřej’s mother than a friend, and in the discussion forums there were words that Brzobohatý is handsome and hard to say why is he with an old man.

Moreover … a similar case, only with other actors, Lucie Vondráčková (41) a Petr Vojnar (45), is still in living memory.

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